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The Coaching Network at the University of Greenwich aims to support the development of all staff to think through their options in relation to a range of situations they may be dealing with in the workplace and is designed to complement other learning and development interventions available to staff within the university, in line with our values and behaviours.

Why should someone access the Coaching Network?

 Situations when coaching is useful:

  • When an individual has changed roles/received promotion
  • To facilitate ideas for service improvement
  • To support change
  • For work related decision making and problem solving
  • For confidence/assertiveness
  • When individuals have returned to work after a prolonged period of time (eg. Maternity/paternity leave)

How does the Coaching Network work?

All staff can apply to the Network to have their own coach for up to five sessions (one initial "chemistry" session and four coaching sessions) over a four to six-month period.  Coachees will need to complete an online form to enable them to be matched with a suitable coach as quickly as possible. 

The initial chemistry session is used to discuss the coaching process, and to clarify the areas that the coaching programme might focus on. The coach and coachee will then agree the timing and frequency of subsequent meetings.  One of the outcomes of the first meeting is to draw up a coaching contract which includes the agreements for timings and frequency of meetings as well as the overall goal(s) for the coaching sessions.

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