Making a Positive Environmental (Sustainability) Impact at Work

Sustainability Unit On Demand

This on-demand training helps staff understand and apply best practice meeting your objectives whilst contributing to the university corporate strategy. This underpins the University of Greenwich's leadership in sustainability practice.

The University provides a range of 'on-demand' sustainability sessions designed to meet specific needs of training cohorts. These include sessions for individuals from across the university or groups within teams, departments or faculties.

Aims of these programmes include:

  • Helping simplify what sustainability means so it can be more easily and effectively applied
  • Providing examples of actions that can be done now that deliver quick wins
  • How to use sustainability as a lens to unlock opportunities, solve problems and realise financial, reputational and social value
  • To help generate benefits to you, our students, staff the university our communities and our planet.

Training for individuals (as part of a class)

Sustainability Introduction - 1 hour - (Academics & professional staff)

This brief session provides a basic and useful understanding of what sustainability is. It will help you identify key issues that need to be considered and provide solutions that can be applied in your work. You'll be introduced to key sustainability related policies of the university plus find out where to access more resources and help to develop your own learning and its application.

UN Sustainable Development Goals Application in Teaching - 1 hour - (Academics)

Academics will explore how the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) can help frame their programmes within the sphere of sustainable development. This session is workshop based illustrating the relevance and value they have in support of the teaching of almost every programme Greenwich offers.

Sustainability Introduction & Application in Your Work - 2.5 hours - (Academics & Professional Services)

This includes the 1 sustainability hour introduction and builds into the session workshops to help identify key areas of sustainability importance in your specific work and create practical outcomes you can apply. The workshop element of this session can be designed for either academics or professional staff or a mix of the two. Academics will cover the 1 hour Sustainable Development Goals Application in this session.

Living Lab: Applying Research to Improve Greenwich's Sustainability Performance -2.5 hours - (Academics & professional staff)

The University is a large organisation with many activities and data points that can be researched and analysed to reduce sustainability impacts and create opportunities for academics and the University. This opportunity is known as 'living lab.' This workshop focused session explores key themes of sustainability and the concept of 'living lab'. Attendees have the opportunity to identify how they can apply their research to realise beneficial outcomes.

Sustainability Deep Dive - 6 hours - (Academics/professional staff)

Attendees will understand core sustainability principles that they can apply in their work. Key sustainability issues and solutions will be explored to illustrate their current and future relationship to you and the university. Other supporting skill sets will be covered and practiced such as systems thinking, strategy, risk assessment & management, creative and critical thinking and problem-solving.

Attendees will understand how sustainability can add value – in terms of financial, social and reputation & PR. The session will provide information to help further develop learning and practical experience and attendees will complete an action plan to ensure the learning is effectively applied. This session will be run separately for academics and support staff although the session can be designed for faculties and departments looking to combine these groups.

Training for teams, departments and faculties 

Tailored sustainability training can be delivered for a range of timeframes from a 10 minute 'toolbox talk' as part of a staff meeting to a 1, 2.5 hour or day or more programme. The aim of these sessions is to help teams understand the importance, relevance and value of sustainability to their work and then collaborate to achieve it. Experts from the Sustainable Development Unit will work with you and your team to identify key needs and drivers and create a training approach designed to meet the dynamic of the group.

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To register your interest or discuss how to tailor a training session to meet your needs, please e-mail sustainability@gre.ac.uk