Prof Alex Stojanovic

Professor Alex Stojanovic MSc, MBA, PhD, SFHEA

Prof Alex Stojanovic

Professor Alex Stojanovic

Head of Accounting and Finance; Director for Centre for Governance, Risk and Accountability

Department of Accounting and Finance

Faculty of Business

Professor Alex Stojanovic is Head of the Department of Accounting & Finance. He was formerly a founding member and Director of Research at Bradley Financial, a City of London-based equity research/financial consulting agency.

Prof Stojanovic graduated with a BA Economics with honours from Belgrade University, and an MBA Finance and a PhD Finance from Cass Business School, London. In addition to his extensive undergraduate and postgraduate teaching experience, Prof Stojanovic has won praise as an executive education professional, most notably as a visiting Lecturer in Finance at the Cass Business School's Executive MBA programme.

Prof Stojanovic started his career in commercial banking with Komercijalna Banka Belgrade, and has considerable project management and consulting experience through his involvement in international banking projects, including work on International Payment Systems in association with the Bank of England and work on the Impact of the Euro on the UK Banking Industry in association with the Corporation of London.

Prof Stojanovic is also a Director of the Centre for Governance, Risk and Accountability which is active in the areas of corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, risk management, behavioural finance and banking regulation.

  • Head of Accounting and Finance Department
  • Member of the Business Faculty Executive
  • Director for Centre for Governance, Risk and Accountability
  • Board Member (Director), Greenwich University Enterprise Ltd.
  • Member of the University Academic Planning Committee
  • Teaching on various Banking, Finance and Risk Management courses

MPhil/PhD supervision

Professor Stojanovic is currently supervising eight PhD students in the areas of Sovereign Debt Rescheduling, Risk Management, and Corporate Finance and Governance. He has previously supervised seven PhD students to successful completion.

Prof Stojanovic has conducted consulting work on International Payment Systems in association with the Bank of England  and work on the Impact of the Euro on the UK Banking Industry in association with the Corporation of London. Previously an Advisor to the Bankers Association on the Payment System Reform in Serbia, he is a Visiting Professor on the Cass Executive MBA and International Masters in Quantitative Finance (IMQF) at South European Centre for Contemporary Finance (SECCF).

Current research

  • Sovereign Debt Rescheduling
  • Financial Risk Management
  • Risk Attitudes and Investments
  • Corporate Governance
  • London as a Financial Centre

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