Mary-Paz Arrieta-Paredes

Dr Mary-Paz Arrieta-Paredes BSc, MSc, PhD Economics

Senior Lecturer in International Business

Key details

Dr Mary-Paz Arrieta-Paredes

Senior Lecturer in International Business


Mary-Paz Arrieta Paredes holds both an MSc and PhD in Economics from the University of Essex. Her doctoral specialism is strategic investment under uncertainty (a real options application). She worked as Financial Analyst and Financial Co-Ordinator for 10 years before returning to academia. Her research focus is on the investment and financing of the firm, and its interaction with public policies in the global economy, with an emphasis on European SMEs. Nonetheless, her research interests extend to any policy-making matters that affect the innovation and internationalisation of SMEs.

Responsibilities within the university

Programme leadership: BSc Hons Economics with Banking (Deputy)

Course leadership: Introduction to Economics for Business and Financial Aspects of International Business (Jan starters)

Teaching courses on the following areas:

Quantitative Methods

Applied Econometrics

Financial Economics

Research / Scholarly interests

Business and policy-making applications addressing (but not limited) to:

The investment and financing of SMEs

The financing of Innovation in SMEs

The Internationalisation of SMEs

Current project: The financing of European SMEs

Recent publications


Arrieta-Paredes, Mary-Paz and Cronin, Bruce (2016), "Exponential random graph models for management research: a case study of executive recruitment", European Management Journal. ISSN 0263-2373 (In Press) (doi:10.1016/j.emj.2016.08.002)

Arrieta-Paredes, M-P. (2012), "Can economic knowledge be created in classroom? Some insights from epistemologically-oriented interaction analysis: Mathematical registers and metacognitive skills", International Journal of Cross-Disciplinary Subjects in Education (IJCDSE), Vol.3, Issue 4.

Arrieta-Paredes, M-P. (2007), "The timing of Capacity Expansion Investments in Oligopoly under Demand Uncertainty", Investment Management and Financial Innovations, Volume 4, Issue 1, pp 40-55.

Book chapters

Arrieta-Paredes, M-P and B. Cronin (2014), 'A social network analysis of managerial migrations: The case of large companies in the United Kingdom', in Meir Russ Ed., Value Creation, Reporting, and Signalling for Human Capital and Human Assets: Building the Foundation for a Multi-Disciplinary, Multi-Level Theory, Chapter 5, pp. 143-178, Palgrave-MacMillan.

Research papers

Arrieta Paredes, Mary-Paz, Coca-Stefaniak, J. Andres and Hallsworth, Alan (2019) Small shop survival – the financial response to a global financial crisis.  Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services.  ISSN 0969-6989 (under Review).

Arrieta Paredes, Mary-Paz, Coca-Stefaniak, J. Andres and Hallsworth, Alan (2019) Funding of retail SMEs in the midst of a financial crisis: Insights from the Eurozone.  Journal of Small Business Management.   ISSN 0047-2778 (under review).

Van Klyton, Aaron, Arrieta Paredes, Mary-Paz and Soomaree, Ayush  (2019) The Quiet Politics of Internet governance, participatory evangelism, and the Business Stakeholder Groups- a hegemonic power perspective (working paper).

Arrieta-Paredes, Mary-Paz and Cronin, Bruce (2017) The role of financial performance in the recruitment of executives in the UK: A network approach (working paper).

Research reports

Maras, P., Moon, A. & M-P Arrieta-Paredes (2015), "Evaluating and disseminating best practise in relation to the Greenlights project: A collaboration between Greenwich Mencap and the University of Greenwich", The Research Centre for Children, Schools & Families University of Greenwich. Project Sponsored by Health Education South London.