Professor David Otley MA, MTech, PhD, FBIM

Visiting Professor of Accounting & Management

Key details

Professor David Otley

Visiting Professor of Accounting & Management

Professor David Otley has been working at the University of Greenwich since 2010, undertaking research mentoring and collaborating with members of staff and PhD students. He is the Distinguished Professor of Accounting & Management (Emeritus) at Lancaster University and has held visiting positions in several universities worldwide. He has written publications for leading accounting and management journals, and recently served as the President of the Management Accounting section of the American Accounting Association, the first non-US resident to hold the position. From 1989–98 he acted as founding Editor of the British Journal of Management.

Responsibilities within the university

Research mentoring and collaboration.


  • Distinguished Academic Award, British Accounting Association (2001)


  • Distinguished Professor of Accounting & Management (Emeritus) at Lancaster University Management School
  • Trustee of British Association for Accounting & Finance
  • Council Member of Management Control Association
  • Chairman, RAE2008 Main Panel, Economics & Econometrics, Accounting & Finance, Business & Management, Library & Information Science (2004–08)

Research / Scholarly interests

David Otley is a leading researcher in the field of performance management and management control systems, and seeks to understand the complex relationships that exist between the use of various control mechanisms and organisational performance.

Recent publications

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