Dr Ilaria Guandalini PhD, MSc and BA

Senior Lecturer in Business Management, Programme Director of Executive MBA

Key details

Dr Ilaria Guandalini

Dr Ilaria Guandalini

Senior Lecturer in Business Management, Programme Director of Executive MBA

Ilaria received her PhD in Business in 2019 and Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education in 2020 from the University of Greenwich. She previously studied Economics (MSc, University of Warwick) and Political Science (BA+MSc, University of Florence).

Ilaria joined Department of Systems Management and Strategy at the University of Greenwich in 2016 as a doctorate student and lecturer on a part-time basis.  Her academic profession followed a decade of senior positions in research and advisory for Planet Retail (now Edge by Ascential), Strategic Insight, and CEB (now Gartner), focusing on the corporate retail, asset management and procurement practice.

Her teaching and tutoring experience has included several undergraduate and postgraduate modules within the Department of Systems Management and Strategy. Among those:

  • Advanced Project Management
  • Business Creation Project
  • Discover Project Management
  • Personal and Professional Development
  • Project Management
  • Project Management and Information Systems
  • Project Management for ERP and Supply Chain Consultancy
  • Project Planning and Management
  • Strategy for Managers

Responsibilities within the university

Programme Director of the Exec MBA, Module Leader, Senior Lecturer and Tutor for several Project Management and Strategy-related courses.


  • 2022-2023 CAIS-funded Working Group Project
  • 2016-2019, 'Vice Chancellors Scholarship for PhD', awarded by University of Greenwich


  • Reviewer for the Journal of Cleaner Production
  • Reviewer for the EURAM Conference 2022
  • 2020, Fellow of Advance HE
  • Reviewer for the Journal of Strategy and Management

Research / Scholarly interests

Ilaria's research finds motivation on the practice's challenge to incorporate sustainability initiatives in an existing business strategy, gauge intangible effects and take change decisions aligned with the ultimate corporate business purpose.

Research interests

  • Multinational Business Strategy, Sustainability, Innovation, Finance, Change Management

Research areas under development

  • Sustainability through Digital Transformation
  • Sustainable Value Creation through UN Sustainable Development Goals projects
  • Resource Based View through a Switching Cost Perspective

Key funded projects

Full Vice-Chancellor Scholarship, University of Greenwich (2016-2019), ‘A switching-cost based model for sustainable investment’.

CAIS (2022-2023), ‘Approaching sustainable digitalization anew: Benefits and costs of industrial transformation’.

Recent publications

  • Paper, Sustainability through Digital Transformation: A Systematic Literature Review for Research Guidance, Journal of Business, doi.org/10.1016/j.jbusres.2022.05.003 (May 2022)
  • Paper ‘Assessing the Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals through Switching Cost – The Case of Walmart Mex. & Lat.Am.’, Journal of Cleaner Production, doi.org/10.1016/j.jclepro.2019.06.03 (June 2019)
  • ISDRS Conference in Messina, Proceedings, ISBN978-88-943228-1-1, (June 2018)