Dr Mingchu Wang

Dr Mingchu Wang PhD, MBA, MSc in OBHR, B. Engineering, FHEA

Lecturer in International Business

Dr Mingchu Wang is a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in International Business at the School of Business, Operation and Strategy (BOS), the University of Greenwich. Prior to joining the University of Greenwich, Dr Wang held academic positions at the University of Leeds, the University of Bradford, and the Central University of Finance and Economics as a Lecturer in International Business and Strategic Management and the Programme Leader for BSc International Business and Management.

With over ten years of experience in academic and industry, Dr Wang has established a career trajectory spanning international media, business consultancy, entrepreneurship, and higher education. He had worked as a national bilingual TV presenter at China Central Television (CCTV-10), a columnist, a strategy consultant at Boston Consulting Group, and the founding and managing partner of a strategy consulting firm. Dr Wang also serves as the Vice-President of Chinese Scholars and Students Association in the UK (CSSA-UK) and has been interviewed by the China Global Television Network, Xinhua News Agency and China Daily in promoting Sino-UK business and research collaborations.

Dr Wang’s research interests include knowledge flow via international entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial team formation, identity and leadership in entrepreneurial teams. Mingchu obtained his PhD from the University of Leeds where he received the Dean’s Award for PhD Achievement. Mingchu is also the recipient of the Best Paper Award at the Journal of Business Venturing Insights Entrepreneurship Academy. Dr Wang serves as the reviewer for the Journal of International Management (JIM), International Business Review (IBR), International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (IJEI), and International Journal of Business and Emerging Markets (IJBEM).

Responsibilities within the university


  • Module Leader for BUSI1710 International Business Project (Postgraduate Dissertation).

Dr Wang also teaches undergraduate and postgraduate modules including:

  • BUSI1151 Small Business Development
  • BUSI1323 Leadership in Organisations
  • BUSI1604 Foundations of Scholarship and Research
  • BUSI1692 International Entrepreneurship
  • BUSI1650 Global Integrative Project
  • BUSI1324 Managing Strategy
  • BUSI1719 Future Paths

Administrative Activities:

  • Social Media Editor, Networks and Urban Systems Centre
  • Committee Member, Early-Career Researcher Network at BOS
  • Mentor for Enterprise Challenge at the Generator, University of Greenwich
  • Organiser of the BOS Space for Writing (BOSSWin) Workshops

Supports the review and redesign of module portfolios of the BA Business Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme


  • Best Paper Award, Journal of Business Venturing Insights (JBVI) Entrepreneurship Academy
  • Global Award, University of Leeds
  • Teaching Excellence Award, University of Leeds
  • Lecturer of the Year Award, Central University of Finance and Economics
  • Best Presentation Award, European Association of Work and Organisational Psychology (EAWOP)


Chief Judge of the 2023/24 Sino-UK Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

Vice-President of Chinese Scholars and Students Association in the UK (CSSA-UK)

Honorary President of Chinese Scholars and Students Association in Leeds (CSSA-Leeds)

Leeds Chinese Ambassador accredited by the Leeds City Council and the Visit Leeds

Research / Scholarly interests

As a researcher and practitioner in the entrepreneurship field, Dr Wang has three evolving research themes and welcomes PhD students.

  • International Entrepreneurship
    • International Knowledge Transfer and Social Networks
    • Transnational Entrepreneurship
    • International Corporate Entrepreneurship
    • Returnee Entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurial Teams
    • Multi-identities in Entrepreneurial Ventures
    • Entrepreneurial Team Formation
    • Employee Recruitment and Retention for Start-ups
  • Management Learning
    • Entrepreneurial Education and Nascent Entrepreneurship
    • Leader Identity in Virtual Student Teams
    • ESG-related Education

If you are interested in any of these areas, I would be delighted to hear from you. I also welcome applications from national and international prospective PhD students, interested in applying either qualitative and/or quantitative methodologies. I am happy to work with students on developing a sound PhD proposal if they are able to demonstrate strong commitment to achieving a PhD.

Key funded projects

De Vita, K., Von Schomberg, L., Wang, M., Tan, L. ‘The Influence of Technology on Student Engagement and Belonging: A Study of Chinese Students in the UK’. Funded by Scholarship Excellence in Business Education (SEBE) at the University of Greenwich.

Media activity

Entrepreneurs Working with Friends: Is It Better to Be the Boss or the Buddy? Research and Innovation Blog, Leeds University Business School. https://business.leeds.ac.uk/dir-record/research-blog/2055/entrepreneurs-working-with-friends-is-it-better-to-be-the-boss-or-the-buddy

Knowledge Transfer in Higher Education: UK Becomes the Favourite Destination for Chinese Overseas Students. The Celebration Series on the 50th Anniversary of the Establishment of China-UK Ambassadorial Diplomatic Relations. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ugtBOR_fmV4&t=56s China Global Television Network (CGTN).

Recent publications

Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

Wang, M., Wei, Y., Azumah, G., and Wang, CL. (2023). African Returnees in International Knowledge Transfer: A Social Capital Perspective. Journal of International Management (ABS3).  https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1075425323001151

Wang, S. and Wang, M. (2020) Review of the Institutional Environment and Theoretical Basis of the Research on the Environmental Responsibility of Chinese Enterprises. Contemporary Manager, 3(267), pp.13-16.

Wang, M. (2018) Understanding the Business Model Transformation of Chinese Start-ups in the New Age of Chinese Entrepreneurship. Modern Enterprise Culture, 26(3), pp.347-359.

Wang, M. (2018). Exploring Personality and Genomics of Chinese Entrepreneurs. Economic Vision, 20(6), pp.77-99.

Wang, M. (2017). Supporting the Rookie: How to Regulate and Motivate Young Employees in Chinese Start-up

Firms? Modern Enterprise Culture, 24(9), pp.192-198.

Wang, M. (2017). Starting from Sketch? Unravelling Strategy Planning in Chinese Network Technology Entrepreneurial

Ventures, Consume Guide, 5(1), pp.130-133.

Book Chapter

De Vita, K., Wang, M., Tan, L., von Schomberg, L., and Lawlor-Morrison, N. (accepted for publication) “The influence of technology on student engagement and belonging: A study of Chinese students in the UK” in Marginson, S. and Zuoyu, Z. (eds.) Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: A practical textbook for education practitioners. Springer.

Conference Papers

De Vita, K., Wang, M., Tan, L., von Schomberg, L., and Lawlor-Morrison, N. (2023) “Technology in Higher Education - A Double-edged Sword?”. The International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM) Conference 2023.

Wang, M., Unsworth, K., Callinan, M. (2022). ‘Bosses or Buddies: How Does Friendship Influence Leader Identity in Entrepreneurial Ventures?’ Journal of Business Venturing Insights (JBVI) Entrepreneurship Academy. Madrid, Spain. [Best Paper Award].


Selected Conference Presentations

Wang, M., Azumah, G., Wang, CL., Wei, Y. (2023). ‘Assessing the Role of International Entrepreneurship in Mobilizing Knowledge Across Borders’. Migrant Entrepreneurship Research Conference: The State of the Art and Future Perspectives. Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ISBE). Paris, France.

Wang, M. (2023). ‘Knowledge Transfer via International Entrepreneurship: Cases in the UK and China’. Engaged Scholarship for the Future of Entrepreneurship Conference. Imperial College London. United Kingdom.

Wang, M., Unsworth, K., Callinan, M. (2022). ‘Bosses or Buddies: How Does Friendship Influence Leader Identity in Entrepreneurial Ventures?’ Journal of Business Venturing Insights (JBVI) Entrepreneurship Academy. Madrid, Spain. [Best Paper Award].

Wang, M., Unsworth, K., Callinan, M. (2022). ‘Identity Negotiation in Entrepreneurial Teams. 20th Congress of European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology (EAWOP), Glasgow, United Kingdom.

Wang, M. and Unsworth, K. (2019) ‘How Do Pre-Existing Friendships Affect the Leader-Follower Relationship and Engagement in Small Start-ups?’ 19th Congress of European Association of Work and Organisational Psychology (EAWOP). Turin, Italy. [Best Presentation Award]

Selected Industry Engagement Activities

Wang, M. (2020). Keynote Speaker ‘Utilizing Friendship during Exogenous Shocks’. The 15th China Association of Small & Medium Entrepreneurs Annual Meeting (CASME). Beijing, China.

Wang, M. (2019) Keynote Speaker at Leadership and Professional Development Seminar. ‘Colleagues or Buddies: Workplace Identity Management and Beyond.’ Chinese Leadership Conference. Leeds, UK.

Wang, M. (2019). Boss or Buddy: The Identity Struggle for Start-up Founders. The 15th World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention. London, UK.

Wang, M. (2019). Managing Leader Identity in Education Entrepreneurial Ventures. CEO Summit Europe. Edinburgh, UK.