Dr Oyinkansola, O. Odunjo

Dr Oyinkansola Odunjo PhD, MSc, BSc, AFHEA

Lecturer, Business Management

Dr Oyinkansola Odunjo is a Lecturer in Business Management at University of Greenwich. She earned her PhD in Management in 2021 from University of Bath, United Kingdom. With a strong background in communications (BSc & MSc, Communications, Covenant University, Nigeria), Oyinkansola has a flair for qualitative research, ethnographic research, and qualitative data analysis. Her research interests span across micro-foundations of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), CSR Authenticity, social partnerships, CSR communications and local community engagement in CSR initiatives.

Responsibilities within the university

  • Dissertation Supervision (MSc, International Business)
  • Teaching and Tutorial Guidance


  • AOM Junior Faculty Consortium grant, Seattle (2022)
  • Research Grant (2021): Influencer Paygap (Disparities in compensation for influencers) £2000
  • Winner: Peer Champion Award: Academic Representation Centre at University of Bath (2020/2021)
  • Winner: Individual Doctoral Recognition Awards: Doctoral College, University of Bath (2021)
  • SIM doctoral consortium grants: Academy of Management (2020) £200
  • SAMS/MISUM stipends: CSR Communication Conference (2019) £650
  • University Research Scholarship: University of Bath (2017) £30,000/annum
  • Conference Grants: Academy of International Business (2016) £250
  • Winner: Most outstanding postgraduate student: Centre for Development Studies, Covenant University, Nigeria (2015)
  • First Class Honours Award: Department of Media and Communication, Covenant University, Nigeria (2012)


Oyinkansola is recognized as an Ambassador with The Brilliant Club- an award-winning university access charity which helps to deliver programmes of university-style tutorials to underrepresented pupils within the UK (2019). She has also been endorsed by The British Academy as a Global Talent with Exceptional Promise (2021).

Research / Scholarly interests

  • Micro-foundations of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)
  • CSR Authenticity
  • Social partnerships
  • CSR communication
  • Local community engagement in CSR initiatives.

Recent publications

Journal Publications:

Kayode-Adedeji, T., Ige, O., & Ekanem, T. (2019). Women Entrepreneurs in Nigeria: Where Is the Mass Media? In Gender Economics: Breakthroughs in Research and Practice (pp. 56-73). IGI Global.

Omojola, O., Ige, O., & Amoka, E. (2015). Africa's Internet Stakeholding and Place in the Global Governance Forum. Journal of Communication and Media Technology1(1), 104-125

Amodu, L.O., Usaini, S. and Ige, O.O., 2014. The media as the fourth estate of the realm. ResearchGate. doi, 10.

Submitted Journal Publications:

Ige, O., Andrew Crane, Pierre McDonagh (2022). Authenticity in corporate social responsibility: an existentialist perspective. Revise & Resubmit at Journal of Management Studies.


“Authenticity in corporate social responsibility: towards an existential perspective”. Paper presentation, Academy of Management Conference 2022 (Online)

“Authenticity in corporate social responsibility: towards an existentialist perspective”. Paper presentation, IABS Conference 2020 (Online)

“CSR Authenticity: an existentialist perspective”. Paper presentation, IABS conference, San Diego (2019) – Presented in-person.

“CSR Authenticity: an existentialist perspective”. Paper presentation, University of Bath PhD conference (2019).