Dr Ryan Yung

Dr Ryan Yung PhD, BBus (Hons)

Senior Lecturer, Digital Innovation and Transformation in Marketing and Deputy Director of Tourism and Marketing Research Centre

Key details

Dr Ryan Yung

Senior Lecturer, Digital Innovation and Transformation in Marketing and Deputy Director of Tourism and Marketing Research Centre


I am an expert on digital innovation and transformation in tourism marketing currently focused on the extended realities. In my area of expertise, I am a multi-award winning published author of multiple journal articles and book chapters. With an international professional background in hotel management, I have given masterclasses and guest lectures on digital trends in countries ranging from Germany, UK, and Italy, to Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand. I have also worked with professional and commercial bodies such as Queensland's Department of Innovation, Queensland Tourism Industry Council, Destination Gold Coast, Flyover Zone and Digital Frontier on technological innovation focused projects.

Responsibilities within the university

Teaching Responsibilities:

  • Digital Tourism & Hospitality Management
  • Creative Project
  • Revenue Management for Hospitality
  • Strategic Marketing Management
  • Creative Content Marketing
  • Research Methods
  • Masters Dissertation Supervision
  • PhD Supervision

Service and Research Responsibilities:

  • Deputy Director, Tourism and Marketing Research Centre
  • School Development Lead, Digital Marketing Lab
  • MGM Representative, Early Career Researcher Network Committee, Greenwich Business School


Recognition / Associations:

  • Associate Editor, Tourism Management Perspectives Journal (Q1)
  • Committee Member, Early Career Researcher Network Greenwich Business School
  • Organiser, MGM Early Career Academics Publishing Workshop Series
  • Twitter Manager, Tourism & Marketing Research Centre
  • Member, Institute of Hospitality

Research / Scholarly interests

My research takes an interdisciplinary approach to marketing and management designed to generate impactful contributions to digital transformations and innovations, accessibility, inclusivity, and sustainability. My track record of publications aligns to three core research streams: (1) implications of extended reality systems, (2) the concept of presence and emotions, and (3) digital innovations in marketing.

Additionally, my research integrates theoretical contributions and methodological innovations to bring benefits to both researchers and industry. Key highlights include contributing to the Queensland Government’s 2019 Queensland Tourism Digital Workforce Development Plan consultancy project, Destination Gold Coast’s 2022 Digital Empowerment Program, and being engaged to present masterclasses on Augmented and Virtual Reality for Destination Queensland’s 2018 Tourism Masterclass series for tourism and hospitality enterprises.

I also currently serve as Associate Editor for the Tourism Management Perspectives (Q1) journal.

ORCID: 0000-0003-3755-2557


Recent publications


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Book section

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