Dr Ewa Krolikowska-Adamczyk BA, MA, PhD, FHEA

Associate Head of the School of Management & Marketing - Student Success

Key details

Dr Ewa Krolikowska-Adamczyk

Dr Ewa Krolikowska-Adamczyk

Associate Head of the School of Management & Marketing - Student Success

Dr Ewa Krolikowska-Adamczyk joined the University of Greenwich in 2005 as an experienced industry professional, having worked in Marketing and Business Development at PwC in London and Warsaw for nine years.

Since joining the Business Faculty, Ewa has conducted research to enhance our understanding of business and customer relationship management. Ewa is particularly interested in applying social psychology theories to relationship marketing. This led to her PhD thesis in which she explored social bonds which develop between business partners and developed a scale to measure these bonds based on attachment theory. More recently, she has examined how customer experiences and innovative technologies can enhance customer-firm relationships and used her research in developing modules on: Relationship Marketing and the Customer Experience; Event Marketing; and Tourism and Hospitality Marketing. Ewa also conducts pedagogical research into working with students as partners and embedding social consciousness in undergraduate students through teaching.



  • Chartered Institute of Marketing (Chartered Marketer)
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA)
  • Certified Management and Business Educator (CMBE)


  • Reviewer for marketing-related articles in the International Journal of Tourism Cities
  • Short-listed for Faculty of Business Inspirational Teaching award at Greenwich Student Led Teaching Awards 2020

Research / Scholarly interests

Ewa's research focuses on two main areas:

  • Business and customer relationship management. Her current programme of research includes exploring relationship marketing during a global pandemic; how service providers and customers are adapting to the move from face-to-face to tech-mediated collective customer experiences.
  • Pedagogy in higher education. Her current programme of research includes working with students as partners in changing perceptions of event management knowledge through critical pedagogy.

Research supervision

  • Ewa is interested in applying social psychology theories to relationship marketing. She currently supervises PhD students who are applying Social Identity Theory (SIT) to their research in various contexts such as smart cities and theatre.

Key Funded Projects

  • Participating in the evaluation of an EU-funded project: SIREE (Social Integration of Refugees through Education and Self Employment), 2020.
  • Developing socially-conscious students: can social consciousness be embedded in teaching? A research project funded by an Academy of Marketing Teaching and Research Development Grant, 2018.

Recent publications


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Conference item

Mundair, Julie and , Krolikowska-Adamczyk, Ewa (2023), The benefits of group personal tutorials in relational pedagogy’. In: SHIFT 2023, 11th - 12th January 2023, University of Greenwich, Stockwell Street , . , (doi: ).

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Conference proceedings

Yassim, Mazia and , Krolikowska-Adamczyk, Ewa (2019), Developing socially conscious students: can social consciousness be embedded through teaching?. Regent's University London. In: Academy of Marketing Annual Conference 2019, London, 2-4th July 2019, London , Academy of Marketing Conference 2019 - 52nd Annual Conference Proceedings. Regent's University London, London, UK . pp. 89-89 . ISBN: 9781527244856 (doi: https://issuu.com/regentscollege/docs/academy_of_marketing_conference_pro) NB Item availability restricted.


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