Mariana Sampaio

Mariana Sampaio BA Hons, MBA

Teaching Fellow in Strategy and Leadership

Key details

Mariana Sampaio

Teaching Fellow in Strategy and Leadership

Mariana is a Teaching Fellow in the Business, Operations and Strategy School (BOS) in the Greenwich Business School, since May 2021. Prior to this she was employed as a Standards and Partnerships Officer, where she got her first teaching experience in September 2020.

Before joining the Business School, Mariana was studying full-time for her undergraduate degree BA (Hons) Global Business Management at Coventry University, which was followed by an MBA International Business at the University of Greenwich.

Responsibilities within the university

Mariana is currently a tutor for multiple modules in the Business School: BUSI1204 Personal and Professional Development (Level 4); BUSI1333 Introduction to Business processes (Level 4); BUSI1549 Business Planning and Development (Level 4); BUSI1637, Discover Project Management (Level 4); BUSI1550 Creativity and Decision Making in Business (Level 5); BUSI1719 Future Paths (Level 5); RESE1031 Thematic Independent Studies (Level 6). Mariana is also a Placement Tutor to two students on the BSUI1636 Placement Module.

Mariana also enjoys being personal tutor to multiple students and having regular meetings with them.


Mariana was awarded a 1st Degree class in her undergraduate course BA (Hons) Global Business Management.

Mariana was awarded a Distinction for her MBA International Business.


Mariana is currently working towards Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy.

Research / Scholarly interests

Mariana’s undergraduate dissertation was on Gender stereotypes and Leadership, focusing on employees’ perception of leader effectiveness and likeability in relation to gender and leadership style adopted.

Her MBA thesis was on Gender stereotypes and Leadership, focusing on perception of leaders in terms of effectiveness, trust, motivation and satisfaction, in relation to leadership style and gender, using an international pool of respondents.

Mariana is currently working on research related to Academic Misconduct.