Mig Farinas-Almeida

Mig (Frederico) Farinas-Almeida BA MSc FAIA (ACAD)

Principal Lecturer in Financial Information Analysis and Management

Key details

Mig (Frederico) Farinas-Almeida

Principal Lecturer in Financial Information Analysis and Management

Mig Farinas-Almeida has been a lecturer since 1997 at the University of Greenwich in the areas of financial and management accounting, financial analysis and modelling, and business consultancy.

Mig has worked in the resort management and the property brokerage industries. He also has 15 years of consultancy experience in the pharmaceutical industry in the area of IT-based planning, analysis and budgeting.

Responsibilities within the university

    • Teaching and leading modules on undergraduate and postgraduate programmes such as Financial Accounting, Business and Financial Applications, Quantitative Analysis for Accounting and, Financial Applications Software.
    • Developing new modules and supporting programme teams and other module leaders create and deliver successful and innovative lectures, tutorials, and assessment – Such as Financial Business Intelligence and Consultancy Project modules.
    • Leading and supporting staff at TNE partners to ensure effective delivery of modules at overseas partner institutions.
    • Lead Tutor for the Accounting and Finance Department.
    • Programme Leader for undergraduate accounting programmes 2004-2014 and currently supporting major developments and innovations on the BA Accounting and Financial Information Systems degree.

Research / Scholarly interests

Currently undertaking a Doctorate in Education Focusing Accountancy Education.

Researching and supporting physical developments of IT-based learning environments.

Recent publications

Farinas-Almeida, M. (1996) Attitudes to computerisation in the property brokerage Industry. Negotiator and Estate Agency.