Mig Farinas-Almeida

Mig Farinas-Almeida BA, MSc

Mig Farinas-Almeida

Mig Farinas-Almeida

Principal Lecturer in Financial Information Analysis and Management

Department of Accounting and Finance

Faculty of Business

Mig Farinas-Almeida has worked in the resort management and the property brokerage industries. He has also undertaken consultancy work in the pharmaceutical industry in the area of IT-based planning, analysis and budgeting.

  • Financial Accounting
  • Spreadsheet and database model building together with application of accounting theory using accounting software
  • Business School Timetabling Manager

Currently undertaking a Doctorate in Education Focusing Accountancy Education.

Farinas-Almeida, M. (1996) Attitudes to computerisation in the property brokerage Industry. Negotiator and Estate Agency.

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