Petros Ieromonachou

Dr Petros Ieromonachou PhD, MSc, MA(Ed), PGCert(HE), BEng Hons

Dr Petros Ieromonachou
PhD, MSc, MA(Ed), PGCert(HE), BEng Hons

Head of Department

Department of Systems Management and Strategy

Faculty of Business

Dr Petros Ieromonachou is the Head of Department for Systems Management and Strategy at the University of Greenwich Business School. He has written, managed and delivered various courses on transportation and logistics management.

He is a research active academic with wide ranging interests and experience ‐ transportation policy and management, energy and sustainable development, strategic niche analysis, urban studies and smart cities. Previously, he worked at the Open University, and also served for several years as a visiting Research Fellow in the Design Group of the Faculty of Mathematics, Computing & Technology.

Dr Ieromonachou established 'Connected Cities', a multi‐disciplinary research group which builds on a variety of theories and knowledge, including system dynamics, discrete choice analysis, neo‐institutional theory, strategic niche management, social network theory and decision analysis.

The mission of this group is to bring together different expertise to explore the expanding urban challenges and opportunities to improve quality of life, competitiveness and sustainability of cities. He extended his network by establishing an international research forum between the University of Greenwich and collaborative partner Universities in China, and through organising an annual research workshop on 'Smart Urban Policy Futures'.

Vice Chancellor's PhD scholarships – Award holder and 1st supervisor for three scholarships and 2nd supervisor for another two

Transport Planning Society Bursaries (2006) – Topic 7, Mentor: Martin Richards OBE, Title: When might we see congestion charging in British cities outside London?

ESRC / Atkins Consultancy research scholarship (2001) – Innovative transport demand management

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, since 2008.

Member of the International Small Islands Studies Association, since 2007.

Visiting Research Fellow at the Open University, since 2005.

Member of the Transport Planning Society (TPS), since 2004.

Associated Member of the Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE), since 2004.

Member of the international Network on European Communications and Transport Activity Research (NECTAR), since 2003.

Member of the Universities' Transport Study Group (UTSG) UK, since 2001 and correspondent for the University of Greenwich, since 2007.

Dr Ieromonachou's main research interest is policy development which focuses among other topics on sustainable urban transport systems – city logistics relating to the movement of both passengers and products, transport provision and management, as well as urban infrastructure systems for transport, waste and energy; control theory; innovative technology for transport systems; sustainable agribusiness and greening the supply chain.

Stanciu, M.D., Manikas, I. and Ieromonachou, P. (2017) "Interaction between the transport of dangerous goods and soft law", European Transport \ Trasporti Europei, issue 63, paper no 7, ISSN 1825-3997

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Zhou, L., Xie, J., Gu, X., Lin, Y. and Ieromonachou, P. (2016), "Forecasting Return of Used Products for Remanufacturing Using Graphical Evaluation and Review Technique (GERT)", International Journal of Production Economics, 181(B), 315-324, doi: 10.1016/j.ijpe.2016.04.016. (SJR 2.786, 4*)

Han, C., Thomas, S. and Ieromonachou, P. (2016) Evaluating R&D investment efficiency in China's high-tech industry. Journal of High Technology Management Research. ISSN 1047-8310 (In Press) (SJR 0.342, 1*)

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Zheng, Q., Ieromonachou, P., Fan, T. and Zhou, L. (2016), "Supply Chain Contracting Coordination for Fresh Products with Fresh-Keeping Effort", Accepted by Industrial Management and Data Systems on 18/07/2016. Doi:10.1108/IMDS-04-2016-0139. (SJR 0.63, 2*).

Manikas, I. and Ieromonachou, P. (2016) Do the service priorities of companies outsourcing to 3PL providers vary by industry?, International Journal of Applied Logistics (IJAL), 6 (1). pp. 64-96. ISSN 1947-9573 (Print), 1947-9573 (Online) (doi:10.4018/IJAL.2016010105) (Open Access IGI Journal, 1*).

Manikas, I., Ieromonachou, P. and Bochtis, D. (2013) Environmental Sustainability Initiatives in the Agrifood Supply Chain, chapter 16 in: E-Innovation for Sustainable Development of Rural Resources During Global Economic Crisis, IGI Global, ISBN:978-1-4666-4550-9.

Warren, J.P. and Ieromonachou, P. (2013). Can rail and sail compete with air travel to Cyprus? A comparison of emissions, Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, 18 (2013) 86–90. (SJR 1.144, 3*)

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