Sandy de Mel MA (x2)

Senior Lecturer, Marketing

Sandy De Mel joined University of Greenwich in September 2000 as a Senior Lecturer in marketing. From 2001 to 2003, she managed both MA Strategic Marketing and MA Marketing Communications. She has contributed enormously to the development of a new format of these programmes and the maintenance of high academic standards.

Until recently Sandy was an examiner for The Chartered Institute of Marketing and worked as an external examiner for another university. She was involved in mentoring teacher training students at the University of Brighton.

As a marketing lecturer, Sandy has worked and run programmes in many other academic institutions including College of North West London, University of Arts (formally known as the London Institute), University of Westminster and Middlesex University.

Sandy has many years of experience as a marketing professional in a variety of industries. As a senior marketing consultant, Sandy carried out many consultancy and research projects and training. Her clients included Surrey County Council, St. Vincent's Orthopaedic Hospital, Chesham Lyle Ltd, Grey Line Group and Christian Salvesen. She also has years of retail operations experience working for an internationally renowned clothing brand and developing new concepts for a sports retail brand. Prior to that Sandy worked in financial services; managing a team and providing training on personal effectiveness and selling.

Research / Scholarly interests

  • Strategic marketing, in particular in competitive strategies
  • Resource based view
  • Branding
  • Positioning issues, in the context of football industry.

Recent publications


De Mel, S. 2005. Resource-based view: the success factors of English premiership football clubs. Paper presented at the International Research on Sports Economics and Production, Athens Institute for Education and Research, Athens, Greece.

De Mel, S. 2005. Strategic marketing perspective – integrating emerging paradigms: new ways of seeing the marketing challenge. Paper presented at the Greenwich Maritime Institute Conference, University of Greenwich, Old Naval Campus, London.

De Mel, S. 2006. Positioning: a review paper presented at the 10th Annual Conference of International Business and Economics Society International 2006 Conference, Florence, Italy.


De Mel, S. (2005) Resource-based View: The Success Factors of English Premiership Football Clubs. In: Papanikos, G.T. (ed.) International Research on Sports Economics and Production, pp. 21–35.

De Mel, S. (2006) Positioning: A Review. In: Kantarelis, D. (ed.) Global Business and Economics Anthology. Published by Business and Economics Society International, USA.