Wenjin Huo

Dr Wenjin Huo BSc, MSc, PhD, PGCert

Lecturer in Advertising and Marketing Communications

Key details

Dr Wenjin Huo

Lecturer in Advertising and Marketing Communications

Dr Wenjin Huo joined the University of Greenwich in 2021 as a Lecturer in Advertising and Marketing Communications. Prior to join the University of Greenwich, she was a teaching assistant in Newcastle University Business school for 3 years (since 2018).

Wenjin received her PhD in Marketing from Newcastle University. She has a Master’ degree in Marketing from the Queen Mary University of London and Master’ degree in software engineering from Tongji University, China. Her PhD thesis is focus on 5G adoption.

Wenjin’s main area of expertise is the application of social media marketing activities and consumer behaviour theory in technology products and services. Her research is focus on consumer behaviour, social media and digital marketing strategy and branding. She has a strong interest on consumer behaviour in different social media platforms, big data and the usage scenarios of VR, AR.

Before becoming an academic researcher, Wenjin had 10 years working experience as Chief marketing director in China Telecom. She participated in many projects of building landline and public mobile communication networks at national- level. She also has extensive experience in developing marketing strategies, customer service and relationship strategies and social media promotion strategies.

Wenjin designed and delivered range of courses at both postgraduate and undergraduate level in marketing. Some of the modules including digital marketing, consumer behaviour, marketing strategy, technology innovation and research method.

Wenjin is glad to collaborate with researchers share the same research interested and PhD student interested in marketing topic.

Responsibilities within the university


Wenjin teaches both postgraduate and undergraduate modules in the Business School. The modules including “Inside Consumer’s Mind”, “Integrated Marketing”, “Strategic Marketing”, “Social Media and Analytics”, “Research Method”.


Wenjin supervise Dissertation and Consulted project for both marketing postgraduate and undergraduate students.

Administrative activities

Wenjin also involved in different administrative activities of Department for Executive Business Centre, Marketing, Events and Tourism.

Wenjin now is program leader for MBA Marketing Management program.

Research / Scholarly interests

Wenjin’s research interest are areas of digital marketing, social media marketing, consumer behaviour, brand strategy specifically in consumer decision making process and technology adoption.

Wenjin’s recent research interest focuses on consumer behaviour and social media marketing activities in WeChat, Little Red Book and Bilibili, YouTube. She also interested in big data marketing, social media data analysis and experimental marketing.

Recent publications

W.J. HUO, R. Filieri (2020), Customers’ Adoption Towards Innovative Service in telecommunication industry, 42nd Annual ISMS Marketing Science Conference, June 10 – 13, 2020 Presenter


W.J. HUO, R. Filieri (2022), Social Media Influence On Customer’s Adoption Of 5G Services: The Mediating Role Of Customer-Based Brand Equity And Technology Adoption, 2022 AMS Annual Conference, Jan 11, 2022

W.J. HUO, R. Filieri (2021), Customers’ Adoption And Purchasing Decision Towards New Mobile Service-5G, 43nd Annual ISMS Marketing Science Conference, June 5, 2021

W.J. HUO, R. Filieri (2020), Risk of Customers’ Purchasing Decision Towards 5G services, 2020 Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Doctoral Consortium