Dr Yakun Zhang

Dr Yakun Zhang BSc, MSc, PhD, FHEA, PGCHE, CMBE

Senior Lecturer in Advertising & Marketing Communications

Key details

Dr Yakun Zhang

Senior Lecturer in Advertising & Marketing Communications

Yakun Zhang is a Senior Lecturer in Advertising and Marketing Communications. Yakun joined the University of Greenwich in 2018 after completing her PhD in Marketing from Durham University. Yakun has a Bachelor's degree in International Business & Management from Aston University and a Master's degree in Management Science (Decision Sciences) from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Prior to joining the University of Greenwich, she worked as a teaching assistant at Durham University Business School. Yakun is an active researcher in consumer behaviour and consumer psychology.

Yakun teaches on:
* Integrated Marketing Communications Management (BA)
* Research Method (BA)
* Contemporary Issues in Marketing (BA)
* Inside the Customer's Mind (MA)
* Creative Content (MA)

Responsibilities within the university

Yakun contributes to teaching, supervising, and tutoring at Greenwich, both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Yakun welcomes prospective PhD candidates with similar research interests.


Lecturer of the Year, Student-Led Teaching Awards 2021 - University of Greenwich


  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education
  • Reviewer of Journal of Advertising, and Journal of Product & Brand Management

Research / Scholarly interests

Yakun's research interests are in the areas of consumer behaviour and consumer psychology, particularly in information processing and decision-making process.

Yakun's current research focuses on how sensory stimuli such as images and sounds can enhance advertisement effectiveness. Yakun is also interested in inclusive advertising and social media analytics.

Yakun is happy to collaborate with researchers in similar areas and welcomes prospective PhD candidates with similar research interests.

Recent publications

Yakun Zhang, Sarah Hong Xiao & Michael Nicholson (2020) The Effects of Dynamic Product Presentation and Contextual Backgrounds on Consumer Purchase Intentions: Perspectives from the Load Theory of Attention and Cognitive Control, Journal of Advertising, 49:5, 592-612, DOI: 10.1080/00913367.2020.1789014


Zhang, Y., & Xiao, S. (2019). The interaction effect between online product presentation dynamism and background contextualization on engagement and analytical fluency. 48th EMAC 2019 Annual Conference, University of Hamburg, Germany, May 29-31, 2019. Published in: Proceedings of the EMAC Annual Conference 2019. EMAC ISBN 9783982114606

Zhang, Y., & Xiao, S. (2018). Harmony is not always better: The effect of visual presentation and content congruence on imagery fluency. In: The 2018 American Marketing Association/American Collegiate Retailing Association (ACRA/AMA) Triennial Conference, 6 – 9 June 2018, Toronto, Canada.

Zhang, Y., & Xiao, S. (2017). To buy but not to keep: The impact of mental imagery discrepancy in E-commerce product return. EMAC 2017: Leaving Footprints, University of Groningen, The Netherlands, 23-26 May, 2017. Published in: Proceedings of the EMAC Annual Conference 2017. EMAC ISBN 9789036799126

Zhang, Y., Xiao, S. (2015), Why don't some people return products when they experience post purchase dissonance? In: 44th European Marketing Academy (EMAC) Annual Conference 2015 24 – 27 May 2015, Leuven, Belgium.