Young Chan Kim

Dr Young-Chan Kim PhD

Young Chan Kim

Dr Young-Chan Kim

Senior Lecturer in International Business

Department of International Business and Economics

Faculty of Business

Young-Chan Kim is Senior Lecturer in the Department of International Business and Economics at the University of Greenwich, London. His main research before joining the University was international business and foreign direct investment among Asian multinational enterprises, with several publications: 'Newly Industrialising Economies and International Competitiveness' (Palgrave, 2006), 'Challenging Globalisation and Post-Crisis Reform' (Chandos Publication, 2009).

Since 2010 he intensively focused on China and global business and published 'Chinese Global Production Networks in ASEAN' (Springer, 2015), 'US Firms' Business Competence in the Taiwanese IT Industry' (Springer, 2016), 'China and Africa' (Palgrave, January 2017)' and forthcoming 'Chinese Digital Economy' (Palgrave, October 2017).

He is currently working at Academia Sinica in Taiwan under Taiwan government's fellowship for 'Education and Human Capital Investment in China and Asian countries.

  • International business and strategy
  • Global business and its ethical impact in developing countries especially China, India and Myanmar
  • Young-Chan Kim is the chief editor of the '21st Century Chinese Regional Strategy since the End of Isolationism' series.

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