Yuliya Yurchenko PhD, MSc, MA, BA Hons

Senior Lecturer in Political Economy

Key details

Yuliya Yurchenko

Yuliya Yurchenko
PhD, MSc, MA, BA Hons

Senior Lecturer in Political Economy

Yuliya Yurchenko joined the International Business and Economics Department of the University of Greenwich in December 2013.

She was previously a Lecturer in International Relations (Political Economy) at the University of Portsmouth (2011-2013), an Associate Tutor in International Relations and Global Political Economy at the University of Sussex (2007-2013), and a Course Convenor and Instructor at the International Study Centre at Herstmonceux, Queen's (Canada) University (2013).

Responsibilities within the university

Greewich Political Economy Research Centre (@GPERC_UOG)/Institute for Political Economy, Governance, Finance and AccountabilityUCU Health and Safety Representative for IBE/FBUS (



Research / Scholarly interests

Yuliya researches state/society/capital complexes and their power dynamics, transnational class formation, modes of accumulation of capital, the limits of the possible embedded in them, and avenues of circumventing the latter interrogated through transnational historical materialist/Neo-Gramscian methodological perspective. Her empirical foci are: public services and policies (especially energy), political economy of Ukraine, transforming landscapes of trade regimes (mainly TTIP and TiSA) and capital accumulation spaces; and global networks of policy platforms and lobby groups.

She is a researcher at the Greenwich Political Economy Research Centre (GPERC) and the Political Economy, Governance, Finance and Accountability Institute (PEGFA; Greenwich). Yuliya is an active member of BISA-IPEG, ISA, EISA, IIPPE, ESA, CPERN, Centre for Global Political Economy (University of Sussex) and the New Politics platform (TNI).

She provides trade union, NGO and political consultancy on the matters of energy politics and policy and public services provision broadly defined.