Zhizhen Chen

Zhizhen Chen BSc, MSc, PhD

Zhizhen Chen

Zhizhen Chen
BSc, MSc, PhD

Lecturer in Finance

Department of Accounting and Finance

Faculty of Business

Mr Zhizhen Chen joined the Accounting and Finance department in September 2017. He is in the finalising year of his PhD in Finance in the University of Glasgow, and also an early career researcher in Finance in the University of Greenwich.

Mr Zhizhen Chen has been very active in research. His research focus is on banking, both empirical and theoretical research. During his PhD studies at the University of Glasgow, Mr Zhizhen Chen published two academic papers in ABS-ranked 3* journals. His co-authors before joining the department include top researchers from U.K. (e.g., Prof. Frank Hong Liu), U.S. (e.g., Prof. Kose John), and China (e.g., Prof. Haoxi Yang).

Mr Zhizhen Chen has also been very active in teaching related activities. He was the Graduate Teaching Assistant in the University of Glasgow from 2015 before joining the University of Greenwich. Mr Zhizhen Chen received very positive feedback from anonymous evaluations from students. For example, the overall satisfaction with the undergraduate course, Derivative Securities, is 92%, which is the second best across all undergraduate courses. He received the Teaching Excellence Award in 2016-17 from the University of Glasgow for this performance.

Zhizhen Chen teaches on the following courses:
  • Introduction to Finance and Economics (FINA 1126)
  • Corporate Financial Management (FINA 1129)
  • Extended Project of Accounting and Finance (BUSI 1648)
  • Personal and Professional Development course (ACCO 1117)
  • Banking: Principles, Practice and Regulation (FINA 1094)
  • Full ASBS Studentship (2014-2016), University of Glasgow
  • Teaching Excellence Award (2017), University of Glasgow

Mr Zhizhen Chen's research focus is in banking-related topics. His PhD thesis studies the impact of securitization. Currently, his on-going research studies include securitiziation, systemic risk, and financial modeling related topics. Mr Zhizhen Chen is curious to study the mechanism of systemic risk and the explanations of such event. Apart from securitization, he is also doing research on corporate finance, financial modeling, and econometrics.

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