Alan Soper

Dr Alan Soper MA, MSc, PhD

Senior Lecturer

Dr Alan Soper’s research area is combinatorial optimisation. He has published in the area of scheduling theory and most recently on the power of pre-emption on uniform and unrelated parallel machines and on scheduling under combined time-changing start-time and position-dependent effects. Another area of interest has been scheduling with transportation.

Dr Soper has presented at a number of conferences, including ECCO, EURO and INFORMS. His work has also been presented at seminars at other UK universities.

Alan Soper graduated in theoretical physics in 1978 and initially did research on constructing classical solutions to Yang Mills gauge field theory, which represent magnetically charged, elementary particles. He worked in the computer industry for the Digital Equipment Corporation (now part of HP) from 1984-88 and has since done research on algorithms allied to computation. The main applications areas have been graph partitioning and drawing, with most theoretical.


PhD 1982 Faculty of Mathematics, University of Cambridge
MSc Foundations of Advanced Information Technology 1989 Imperial College London

Responsibilities within the university

Course leader 2016/17

Dynamical Systems and Chaos 
Linear Algebra and Applications 
Modelling and Analysis of Financial Instruments

Research / Scholarly interests

Scheduling Algorithms,

Optimisation, Financial Mathematics

Recent publications


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