Dr Chaoying Ma BEng, PGCE, PhD(Cantab)

Senior Lecturer

Dr Chaoying Ma has a PhD of Computer Science from Cambridge University, and a PGCE.

Past and current research projects include Cloud Containers; Portal Framework, and Business Process Automation and Management in a Cross-Domain Context for eLearning; Event-based Middleware; Distributed Multimedia Systems, Novel User Interfaces and Fast Prototyping; Organisational Computing System for Working Groups; Distributed Systems and Naming; Real-time Software.

Past and current teaching: Object-Oriented Software Development using UML and Java; Software Engineering; Systems Building; Computing Education Placement; and Work-based Learning.

Responsibilities within the university

Course leader 2019/20

  • Computing Education and Communication 
  • Computing Education Placement 
  • Work Based Learning Project 1 
  • Work Based Learning Project 2

Partner Colleges Liaison Officer


BCS; (was Member of IEEE and ACM)

Research / Scholarly interests

Distributed computing (e.g. event-based middleware, cloud computing); software architecture/framework design for cross-domain, collaborative applications; business process management and workflow systems; HCI

Key funded projects

HEIF Seedling Fund. An investigation and Development of a Lightweight LXD Container Integration with OpenStack Cloud Platform for Support of Cost Effective Big Data Analysis, 2017

Recent publications

C. Ma, at. el. (2010). Integration of BPM Systems, Process Management, Maria Pomffyova (Ed.), ISBN: 978-953-307-085-8, InTech, Available at: http://www.intechopen.com/articles/show/title/integration-of-bpm-systems

C. Ma, E. Bacon, M. Petridis and G. Windall, A Design Pattern for Integration of Business Process Management Systems, IEEE International Conference on Information Reuse and Integration (IRI 2007), 13-15 Aug. 2007, Page(s):239 - 244

C. Ma, E. Bacon, M. Petridis and G. Windall. Towards the Design of a Portal Framework for Web Services Integration, In Proc. of the International Conference on Internet and Web Applications and services (ICIW06), Guadeloupe , French Caribbean Feb 22-25, 2006. PP 163-169. IEEE CS. ISBN 0-7695-2522-9

Jean Bacon, Ken Moody, John Bates, Richard Hayton, Chaoying Ma, Andrew McNeil, Oliver Seidel, Mark D. Spiteri: Generic Support for Distributed Applications. IEEE Computer 33(3): 68-76 (2000)

Chaoying Ma, Jean Bacon: COBEA: A CORBA-Based Event Architecture. COOTS 1998: 117-132