Professor Choi-Hong Lai 厲才康 BSc, PhD

Professor of Numerical Mathematics

Key details

Choi-Hong Lai

Professor Choi-Hong Lai 厲才康

Professor of Numerical Mathematics

Prof. Lai leads the research in numerical and applied mathematics at the School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences, Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences. He came from a background of mathematics with engineering, aerodynamics, partial differential equations, and parallel computing, and he specialises in novel numerical algorithms and applied mathematics. He teaches Level 6 Partial Differential Equations and a short course on Methods for Nonlinear Problems. He coordinates research activities of numerical and applied mathematics. Currently he is visiting professor at Jiangnan University and Fuzhou University, China, and at Buckingham University.

Responsibilities within the university

Research, Module Leader, Assessment Conduct Officier
  • REF2020 University sub-panel member
  • REF2020 Unit 10 Coordinator
  • Chair in Numerical Mathematics; Numerical and Applied Mathematics Research Unit Group Leader
  • Module tutor 2018/19: Partial Differential Equations; Short Course tutor: Methods for Nonlinear Problems


FHEA, CMath, CEng, FIMA, MBCS, LMS Member, AIAA Senior Member, SIAM Member

Editor-in-Chief: Journal of Algorithms and Computational TechnologyInternational Journal of Computer Mathematics

Book series editor: Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing Series, Chapman & Hall/CRC Press

Co-Chair: International Symposium of Distributed Computing and Algorithms for Business, Engineering, and Sciences

Organiser: EGL Workshop on Optimisation and Applied Mathematics

Members Committee panel member: IMA

Finance Committee panel member: IMA

Secretary: BCS Future Computing Systems Specialist Group.

EPSRC Future Leaders Fellowships (FLF) Peer Review College (2019-2020)

Research / Scholarly interests

Inverse problems and optimisation

Computational medical biology: (i) Absorption and metabolism models, nutrients and drug absorption; (ii) Mathematical modelling of cardiac myocytes.

Computational music and sociology

Computational criminology

Computational finance: Option pricing with nonlinear volatility models, calibration methods, GPU and parallel algorithms, Monte Carlo simulation, numerical solutions for stochastic differential equations.

Optimisation and risk management

Computational intelligence

Image processing

Computational acoustics

Innovative numerical algorithms

History of mathematics

Key funded projects

2013 to 2017 FP7-People-2012-ITN: STRIKE (Ref 304617) Novel methods in computational finance

2013 to 2017 FP7-People-2012-ITN: AeroTraNet (Ref 317142) Aeronautical Training Network in Aerodynamic Noise from Widebody Civil Aircraft

2015 University Proof of Concept Fund (HEIF-PoC-ACH-03/15) A computational framework conjoining musical pieces with socio-economic/socio-political events

2017 University REF Competitive Fund Predicting Outcomes During Malicious Product Incidents (with Law School)

2019 University REF Fellowship award

Completed Projects

Recent publications


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Conference proceedings

Pandey, Sanjib Raj , Ma, Jixin, Lai, Choi-Hong (2015), Development of temporal logic-based fuzzy decision support system for diagnosis of acute rheumatic fever/rheumatic heart disease. Springer, Cham. In: , , , Research and Development in Intelligent Systems. Springer, Cham, Switzerland , XXXII . pp. 213-228 . ISBN: 9783319250304 978-3-319-25032-8 (Online) (doi: