Dr Dave Chadwick BSc(Hons)Computing Science, MA Management

Senior Lecturer

Joined university in 1990 after 20 years in industry at Lloyds of London (Insurance), GlaxoSmithkline, Civil Service and British Telecom. Positions held: programmer/analyst and project director.

1999: Co-founder of EuSpRIG and chairperson for 4 years. EuSpRIG is an organisation which holds an annual conference on spreadsheet risk/error/auditing and manages a database of published papers on spreadsheet risk for researchers the world over.
2009 : Also co-founder of C-SAFE (Cyber - Security, Audit, Forensics Education) Centre (2009). C-SAFE includes several academics who collaborate on cyber security teaching , conduct research, supervise PhD students and publish papers.

Responsibilities within the university

Senior Lecturer

Course leader

COMP1431 - Audit and Security

COMP1745 - Cryptography and Steganography


  • ISACA: 2008: prize for best Student MSc Dissertation
  • ISACA: 2011: prize for best Student MSc Dissertation


  • British Computer Society (Information Risk Management and Audit Group), 
  • ISACA (Information Systems Audit & Control Association)
  • European Spreadsheet Risks Interest Group (EuSpRIG)

Research / Scholarly interests

  • IT Audit, Law and Standards.
  • Encryption and steganography.
  • Edutainment (education + entertainment) for teaching cyber security.


Sunderland University HEA-STEM Conference: Nov 2012 - Computer Forensics Coursework With Students In Criminal and Investigator Roles

University of Christchurch Canterbury: CFET 2012 Conference: Sept 2012 - Short Course Teaching of Cyber Security For Mid-Career Physical Security Professionals

University of Warwick HEA-STEM Conference: May 2012 - Using Edutainment To Aid Learning of Cryptography

Sunderland University HEA-ICS Conference: Nov 2011 - What Next For Computer Forensics Projects?

University of Greenwich : Redefining the Student Experience: July 2011 - Learning Artefacts to Enhance Student Employability 

University of Greenwich: Centre for Play & Recreation: May 2011 - Sesame Street: the road to Adult Learning?

University of Greenwich: internal staff research seminar: March 2011 - C-SAFE centre and its Teaching Paradigms

Derby University: HEA-ICS Conference: Feb 2011 - An Educational Paradigm for Teaching Computer Forensics: PBL

Sunderland University HEA-ICS Conference: Nov 2010 - Development of Challenging Assessments for Computer Forensics Students