Dennis Ivory

Dennis Ivory

Post Graduate Researcher

My background has always been within computing, coming to study BSc Hons Computer Security and Forensics in 2014, then working jobs both as IT technical support and as a Graduate Trainee Software Developer and Researcher, from this I then progressed onto undertaking a PhD. While completing my PhD I have also taken up teaching covering the topics of Computer and Communication Systems and Computer Forensics, where I have also undertaken expert witness training.

Responsibilities within the university

Enabling the Human-as-a-security-sensor paradigm in the Internet of Things – My research is about looking at leveraging humans within a system and enabling them as security sensors, this will allow them to detect and identify cyber attacks within an Internet of Things environment and even add an extra later of context to attacks that a more traditional attack detection system does not have. This will be done by allowing the human security sensor to report the physical impacts of a variety of cyber attacks that are targeting the devices of an Internet of Things environment.

Supervisory team includes:
Professor Georgios Loukas
Dr Diane Gan