Dimitrios Frangiskatos BEng, MSc

Senior Lecturer

Dimitrios is a senior lecturer in Computer Security and Audit at the University of Greenwich (CMS). He has a BEng in Computer Systems & Software Engineering and an MSc in Distributed systems from the University of Greenwich. He is a PCI ASV, CCNAS, CREST CRT and is currently teaching, penetration testing, Ethical Hacking and computer security.

Before joining the diverse, energetic community of the University of Greenwich as a member of staff in 2003, Dimitrios worked on various computer networking projects, secure network programming and system integration for Fluent Networks Ltd. Later as an independent IT Security consultant worked on projects involving web application security, and later joined NTA Monitor where he worked as part of their penetration testing team. Following that Dimitrios helped setting up the UG and PG Computer Forensics courses within CMS (currently CIS). Dimitrios maintained contact with NTA Monitor and through a long collaboration helped establishing the Penetration Testing courses within CMS. Contact with other companies such as IRM PLC, Gotham Digital Sciences, CNS Group, Procheckup Ltd., IBM, Deloitte and NCC Group continues either through ongoing knowledge transfer projects, external out of hours consultancy, or general collaboration projects and/or student placements. 

If you are my student in one of my classes and you excel I will always try to help you & support you to apply and possibly find a placement in one of the companies mentioned as I do maintain contact with these companies either directly or through previous student placements.

Responsibilities within the university

Module leader

COMP1561 Network Security

COMP1608 Managing IT Security and Risk

COMP1629 Penetration Testing

COMP1668 Network and Operating Systems

COMP1742 Cyber Physical Security

COMP1747 Ethical Hacking



  • CREST CRT Registered Tester
  • PCI ASV registered
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate Security - Instructor (CCNAS) M.Sc Distributed Computing Systems, University of Greenwich (2001)
  • B.Eng (Hons) Computer Systems with Software Engineering, University of Greenwich (2000)

External recognition

  • Member of the British Computer Society (BCS)
  • Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
  • CREST Registered tester
  • PCI ASV accredited

Research / Scholarly interests

  • Systems Security
  • Penetration testing
  • I am happy to discuss project ideas with students at office hours or over email.

    The most likely outcome of such a discussion is a list of suggested references and a list of potential difficulties.

    This does not mean you shouldn't pursue the project further.
    In general, one of the hardest things about doing original research is finding "the right thing" to work on in the first place, and I expect that students will spend a significant amount of time and effort identifying the problem that they will work on.

Recent publications

Selected publications

Lachlan MacKinnon, Liz Bacon, Diane Gan, Georgios Loukas, David Chadwick and Dimitrios Frangiskatos (2013), "Cyber Security Countermeasures to Combat Cyber Terrorism" IN Babak Akhgar and Simeon Yates (eds), "Strategic Intelligence Management", pp. 234-257, Butterworth-Heinemann (Elsevier), ISBN 978-0-12-407191-9

Recent conference presentations

D. Chadwick, D. Gan, G. Loukas, D. Frangiskatos, Intensive Teaching of Cyber Security for Mid-Career Physical Security Professionals, CFET 2012 International Conference on Cybercrime, Forensics, Education and Training, Christ Church Canterbury, 1st to 6th Sept 2012

D. Chadwick, D. Gan, D. Frangiskatos, What makes a computer forensics project? 7th Annual Teaching Computer Forensics Workshop, University of Sunderland, 10th Nov 2011

D. Chadwick, D. Gan, D. Frangiskatos, An Educational Paradigm for Teaching Computer Forensics, Enhancing Student Employability, University of Derby, 5th July 2011

D. Chadwick, D. Gan, D. Frangiskatos, Two Artefacts to Enhance Student Employability, Enhancing Student Employability Theme, July 2011

D. Chadwick, D. Gan, D. Frangiskatos, An Educational Paradigm for Teaching Computer Forensics, HEA Conference - Enhancing Employability of Computing Students, University of Derby, 16th Feb 2011

D. Frangiskatos, D. Gan, D. Chadwick, The Development of Challenging Assessments for Computer Forensics Students, 6th Annual Teaching Computer Forensics Workshop, University of Sunderland, 18th Nov 2010

D. Frangiskatos, M. Ghassemian, D. Gan, Is Green IT a threat to IT security? Technology perspective: International Conference on Information Security and Digital Forensics 2009, City University London 7th Sept & 8th Sept 2009

D. Chadwick, D. Gan, D. Frangiskatos, Universities - Victims Or Perpetrators Of Cyber Crime? 3rd International Conference on Global E-Security 2007, University of East London, 18 - 20 April 2007