Ebrahim Patel

Dr Ebrahim Patel MMath, PhD

Lecturer in Mathematics and Data Science

Dr Ebrahim Patel is a Lecturer in Mathematics and Data Science. He obtained a PhD from the University of Manchester in 2012, wherein his thesis covered a range of topics – in graph theory, cellular automata, Boolean networks, and the modelling of dynamics on networks, particularly via max-min-plus algebra. Following this, he joined the Centre for the Mathematics of Human Behaviour at the University of Reading, then spent nearly 6 years lecturing and conducting research at Pembroke College, Oxford, and the Mathematical Institute of the University of Oxford, with a year in between as a Lecturer of Applied Mathematics at the University of Portsmouth. Most recently, he was a founding faculty member of The London Interdisciplinary School.

Ebrahim has considerable experience teaching and supervising undergraduates through to PhD students on such applied mathematical subjects as Probability, Statistics, Data Analytics, Calculus, Nonlinear Dynamics, Graph Theory, and Combinatorial Optimisation. His research aims to harness mathematics, data, and network science to better understand complex systems and human behaviour, and he enjoys collaborating and drawing inspiration from across the arts, sciences, and industry. He is also a co-founder of The Bees, an IMA prize-winning mathematical writing group, aiming to promote the beauty of mathematics and its applications to non-experts.

Responsibilities within the university

Lecturer in Mathematics and Data Science.

Module leader: Data Structures and Algorithms.

Supervisor: Group and Individual MSc projects in Data Science.


Graham Hoare Prize (previously the Catherine Richards Prize), awarded by the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications:

2015: Andrew D. Irving and Ebrahim L. Patel - “Mixing Motions”

2014: Andrew D. Irving and Ebrahim L. Patel - “Pendulum Pattern Perception”


2016: Associate Member of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications

Research / Scholarly interests

  • Data Science
  • Network Science
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Mathematical Modelling
  • Cellular Automata
  • Nonlinear Dynamics