Georgi Djambazov

Dr Georgi Djambazov MSc, MEng, PhD, AFHEA

Senior Lecturer in Multi-Physics Simulation

Dr Georgi Djambazov joined the University of Greenwich in 1995 as a post-graduate (PhD) student in Computing and Mathematical Sciences (CMS). After successful completion of his PhD project in Computational Aeroacoustics in 1998 he was offered a position as a Researcher also at CMS where he has been working to date.

Dr Djambazov's background is in Mechanical Engineering and Fluids Engineering with an MEng from the Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria. An MSc in Decision Support Systems was awarded to him by the University of Sunderland in 1995 after successful completion of the corresponding course. Before coming to England Djambazov was an assistant lecturer at the Department of Hydraulic Machines, Technical University of Sofia where he gained significant experience in the design and modelling of hydraulic turbines, pumps and actuators.

Since 1998 Dr Djambazov has worked as investigator on a number of computational engineering research projects concerned with the numerical modelling of industrial processes involving liquid metals: semi-levitation melting, induction 'skull' melting, aluminium electrolysis, vacuum dezincing, precision casting of reactive alloys, spray atomisation of nickel catalyst particles, continuous casting of steel, vacuum arc remelting of high-strength special alloys, oxygen steel converters, light-alloy processing with external electromagnetic and acoustic fields, lead-refining kettles thermal stresses management, recycled silicon electromagnetic melt purification.

The main computational tool Dr Djambazov uses in his projects is PHYSICA - a flexible multi-physics computational environment for the simulation of inter-related physical phenomena in science and engineering, initiated and developed at the Centre for Numerical Modelling and Process Analysis,  Greenwich.  In 2005 Dr Djambazov became responsible for the further development and maintenance of the PHYSICA software package at Greenwich.  Useful features developed for particular projects but having more general computational modelling significance were added by Dr Djambazov to the package, as well as options for mesh generation and results visualisation that make it independent of external vendors.  Additional experience in larger software development and scientific data management Dr Djambazov gained during the ISECA Interreg environmental project where atmospheric transport of pollutants was simulated by Lagrangian particle dispersion method.


PhD Computational Aeroacoustics
MSc Decision Support Systems
MEng Fluids Engineering


British Foundry Medal for 2014 for the paper entitled Numerical modelling of the tilt casting process for y-TiAl alloys published in the June 2013 issue of Foundry Trade Journal.

Research / Scholarly interests

  • Computational modelling, Numerical simulations,
  • Mathematical modelling, Process analysis,
  • Computational engineering

Recent publications


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Conference proceedings

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