Georgia Sakellari

Dr Georgia Sakellari

Associate Professor of Networked Systems (Resilient Internet of Things)

Key details

Dr Georgia Sakellari

Associate Professor of Networked Systems (Resilient Internet of Things)

Georgia Sakellari is an Associate Professor of Networked Systems, with particular interest in the security, performance and energy efficiency of heterogeneous Internet of Things environments and edge computing. She is currently P.I. of the €7M H2020 RESCUER project on developing a secure technology toolkit for the next-generation of First Responders, enhancing their operational capacity, safety and secure communication, specifically in adverse conditions, both environmental and infrastructure-wise; and was the P.I. of the €6.3M H2020 C4IIoT project on building an Industrial Internet of Things cyber security framework for malicious and anomalous behaviour anticipation, detection, mitigation and end-user informing.

Dr Sakellari has a PhD in Computer Networks from Imperial College London, a MSc (MBA) in Techno-Economic Systems and a MEng in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens. She is on the editorial board of the IEEE IT Professional journal and Elsevier's Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory Journal, and has served as co-Organiser of the international conference IEEE ISCIS and co-Chair of the international PerNEM workshops in IEEE PERCOM. Currently she is also serving as expert evaluator and reviewer for the European Commission.

Responsibilities within the university

  • CMS Ethics subcommittee (2023-present)
  • Disability Officer (2015-present)
  • Deputy Head of the ISEC research centre (2018-2023)
  • Lead Personal Tutor for MSc Operational Cyber Security (2018-2021)
  • Industrial Placement visiting tutor (2015-2018)


Research Grants
2022–2025 Co-I, Horizon Europe, SUN (Greenwich: £412k, total project value: €8M).
2021–2024 P.I., H2020, RESCUER (Greenwich: €441K, total project value: €7M).
2019–2022 P.I., H2020, C4IIoT (Greenwich: £250K, total project value: £6.3M).
2020–2022 Co-I, H2020, ENSURESEC (Greenwich: €489K, total project value: €9M).
2018–2021 Co-I, H2020, EUNOMIA (Greenwich: €512K, total project value: €2.94M).


Grant evaluator

Expert evaluator for over 150 EU H2020, Horizon Europe and MSCA proposals in more than 30 calls of a combined amount of over 600M Euro.

Project reviewer

Expert reviewer for two FET, two H2020 and three INEA projects, with a combined budget of 30M Euro.

Advisory Groups & Memberships

On the TPC of over 20 conferences, including IEEE FI-cloud, IEEE/ACM BDCAT, ICT, IEEE MASCOTS, CloudTech, IEEE ISCC, IEEE HPCC, IEEE IWCMC, Lead organiser of the international IEEE PerNEM workshops from 2010 to 2014, Publicity chair and editor of the international conference IEEE ISCIS from 2010-2014, Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (since May 2012), Member of the IEEE (since August 2006), Member of the IEEE Communications Society (since August 2006), Member of Technical Chamber of Greece (since March 2003)

Journal editorships

Associate editor: IEEE IT Professional Journal, the flagship IEEE journal for professionals, since 2023.

Area editor: Elsevier’s Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory, since Sep. 2016.

External examiner

External Assessor: Middlesex University (2021), for the following programme reviews: MSc Telecommunications Engineering, MSc Intelligent Telecommunications Engineering.

External examiner: Staffordshire University (2013-2017), responsible for the following courses: Concepts of Data Path Selection, Concepts of Distributed Data Structures, Fundamentals of Computer Networks, Introduction to IP Telephony, LAN Switching and WAN Networks, Advanced Wireless Networking, Advanced Switching, Real Time Systems, Networks and Protocols, Operating Systems, Computer Networks and Security.

Research / Scholarly interests

Research topics

  • Internet of Things and Edge Computing
  • Self-aware and security-aware networking
  • Performance, security and energy optimisation in IoT
  • Network performance, admission control and QoS in networks
  • Energy optimisation and cloud computing

Research supervision

Doctoral Students (Current)
  • Filippos Pelekoudas Oikonomou (Univ. of Greenwich, since 2023) “An Investigation to Enhance Security in IoT based Health Monitoring Systems Using Blockchain Technology”.
  • Blessing Odeleye (Univ. of Greenwich, since 2022) "Addressing cyber security threats in virtual reality environments".
  • Stefan Bogdanis (Univ. of Greenwich, since 2021) "Explainability in AI-Provisioned Intrusion Detection Systems"
  • William Oliff: Context-enhanced indoor localisation, tracking and occupancy detection.
Doctoral Students (Completed)
  • Ali Jaddoa, (Univ. of Greenwich, 2018-2022) “Multi-Criteria Decision Support for Energy-Efficient IoT Edge Computing Offloading”, Moved to Postdoc position at Univ. of Greenwich and then Lectureship in Computing and Cybersecurity at Canterbury Christ Church University, UK
  • Antonia Nisioti (Univ. of Greenwich, 2019–2021) “Supporting the Optimal Investigation of Multi-Stage Cyber Attacks”, Moved to SOC Team Lead, Secrutiny, UK.
Postdoctoral Researchers
  • Dr Michael Phillips (Univ. of Greenwich, Since 2023).
  • Dr Ali Jaddoa, (Univ. of Greenwich, 2021-2022). Moved to Lectureship in Computing and Cybersecurity at Canterbury Christ Church University, UK.
  • Dr Areeg Elgazazz (Univ. of Greenwich, 2020-2021). Moved to Postdoc position at UiT university, Norway.
  • Mr William Oliff (Univ. of Greenwich, Since 2019).
Research Interns
  • Mehmet Kafadoroglu (Univ. of Greenwich, since 2023).
  • Rytis Venslovas (Univ. of Greenwich, 2022-2023). Moved to a Full Stack Software Engineer position at Level Financial Technology.
  • Kevin Luu (Univ. of Greenwich, 2022-2023). Moved to a Graduate Software Engineer position at Bally.
  • Harry Whitby (Univ. of Greenwich, 2021-22). Moved to MSc of Advanced Computer Science at the University of Exeter.
  • Rohan Kathpal (Univ. of Greenwich, 2018). Moved to a Security integration specialist position at Concise Group.
  • Alexandru Aurescu (Univ. of Greenwich, 2018). Moved to Webhelp.

Recent publications


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Conference proceedings

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