Isaac Oppong

Dr Isaac Oppong BSc, MSc, AFS, PHD

Lecturer in Mathematics and Data Science

Isaac is a Lecturer in the School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences. He completed his PhD study at the University of Kent in 2022. His PhD research work investigates a quantum deformation of the second Weyl algebra: its derivation and Poisson derivations. He also holds a master’s degree in mathematical sciences from the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences and a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and economics from the University of Ghana. He has worked as a Teaching Assistant (University of Ghana, Ghana), Graduate Teaching Assistant/Tutor (University of Kent, UK), Lecturer (Colchester Institute, UK), and Postdoc Research Associate (University of Kent). He has over 7 years of teaching experience in higher education, and has helped several students to excel in their mathematics studies.

His research interests lie in quantum and Poisson algebras. His current research work focuses on studying the first Hochschild cohomology group of the quantized enveloping algebras and their simple quotients (i.e., quantum Weyl algebras) and the first Poisson cohomology group of the semiclassical limits of these quantum algebras. Besides algebra, Isaac enjoys data science and is trying to interconnect his research area with data science.

Responsibilities within the university

Teaching maths and data science modules and carrying out research.


Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Research / Scholarly interests

  • Quantum Algebra
  • Poisson Algebra
  • Data Science
  • Python Programming

Recent publications


Launois, S. and , Oppong, Isaac (2023), Poisson derivations of a semiclassical limit of a family of quantum second Weyl algebras. Elsevier. In: , , , . Elsevier, Journal of Geometry and Physics, 196: 105077 . pp. 1-33 ISSN: 0393-0440 (Print), 1879-1662 (Online) (doi:

Launois, S. and , Oppong, Isaac (2023), Derivations of a family of quantum second Weyl algebras. Elsevier. In: , , , . Elsevier, Bulletin des Sciences Mathématiques, 184: 103257 . pp. 1-43 ISSN: 0007-4497 (Print), (doi: