Martyn Broadhead

Martyn Broadhead BSc, CertED


Responsibilities within the university

Module leader

COMP1289 3D Animation

COMP1777 3D Modelling

COMP1473 Advanced Modelling and Character Animation

Research / Scholarly interests

  • Multi modal interactive 3D game environments for dyslexia addressing phonemic awareness
  • User Centred Design of applications for word segmentation and blending of phonemes using 3D graphemes in VR, AR and Serious Games environments.
  • Phonological processing pedagogy in 3D environments.
  • 3D Modelling and Animation
  • Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Speech to Text (STT) in serious games applications for teaching reading


  • M Broadhead, D Daylamani-Zad, L Mackinnon, L Bacon (2018) "A Multisensory 3D Environment as Intervention to Aid Reading in Dyslexia: A Proposed Framework", IEEE VSGAMES 2018, 5-7 September, Würzburg, Germany, IEEE.