Professor Mayur Patel

Head of School of Computing & Mathematical Sciences

I have over 30 years of experience in the development and application of Computer based solutions (Computational Modelling). Strong computational skills, sound physical and mathematical modelling background with extensive experience in developing and using state-of-art CFD software utilising sophisticated numerical techniques and algorithms. Over the years I have used, developed and designed CFD software for a number of application areas. I have extensive process modelling exposure together with Fire Safety modelling experience.


BSc (Hons), MSc, PhD


Gold Award and George Taylor Prize from the Royal Aeronautical Journal for the series of papers

-CFD Fire Simulation of the Swissair Flight 111 In-Flight Fire - Part 2: Fire Spread analysis", which appeared in the Aeronautical Journal 2006

(1) Part I: Prediction of the Pre-Fire Air Flow within the Cockpit & surrounding areas and

(2) Part II: fire spread analysis

Best Paper Award

(1) Effect of Fluid Dynamics & Device Mechanism on Biofluid Behaviour in Microchannel Systems: Modelling Biofluids in a Microchannel Biochip Separator at the International Conference on Electronic Packaging Technology & High Density Packaging, 2009. ICEPT-HDP '09.


FIMA: Institute of Mathematics and its Application (IMA) - Fellow

CMath: Chartered Mathematician

ASME: American Society for Mechanical Engineers (ASME) - Member

SIAM: Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) - Member

Member of the Intelligent Buildings Group (IBG), part of the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE)

Research / Scholarly interests

Professor Patel is the author/co-author of over 150 academic publications concerning Computational Modelling/Simulation in a number of application areas. His research interests are diverse and include:

- Numerical methods for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) based fire simulation
- Development of intelligent user interfaces for CFD fire simulation

- Simulation of combustion and fire dynamics

- Process Modelling

- Fire Modelling
- Environmental modelling
- Ground Water Contamination Modelling
- Computational Fluid Dynamics (Algorithms)
- Metallurgical processes
- Multi-phase flow modelling
- Particulate modelling
- Combustion processes
- Grid generation
- Bayesian networks
- Numerical Algorithms in Excel using VBA
- Graphical User Interfaces

Key funded projects

2013-2014 Vessel Cracking (BRM): Develop computer model to establish the reasons for lead-processing kettle failure

2011-2013 ISECA (EU-Seven Seas Interreg): Improve the exchange of data and scientific insights related to the eutrophication of coastal waters in the English Channel and the Southern North Sea, aimed at both knowledge partners and the relevant authorities and general public. Led on from 2 funded projects: ATTMA & AQMASI

2010-2013 3d-Mintgration Electropatterning (EPSRC) (EP/P504945/1): PhD Studentship award to undertake research in the area of Modelling ElectroHydrodynamic Induced Patterning (M-EHDIP) in polymers. Develop models to predict the behaviour of electropatterning at lab scale.

2010-2013 3d-Mintgration Electroplating (EPSRC) : Develop models to predict the behaviour of electroplating by using Megasonic.

2009-2012 FIREPROOF (EU (FP-7th): Probabilistic Framework For On-board Fire Safety. Led to other EU funded projects.

2005-2011 3D-Mintegration (EPSRC): Develop new thinking for design, processing, assembly, packaging, integration and testing of complete 3D miniaturised/integrated products. Led to 2 funded projects: Electrodeposition & Electropatterning

2005-2007 FIREMASTER-1 (EPSRC): Undertake model development and understanding of water mist interaction for supressing fires a system development approach. Led to 1 other funded project: FIREMASTER-2

2002-2004 SwissAir MD11 (TSB, Canada): Forensic application of CFD to the Swissair Flight 111. First application of CFD for forensic investigation, led to a number of consultancy projects and two Royal Aeronautical Society awards in 2006.

2002-2004 WATERMIST - ITRI (Taiwan): Develop modelling tools for predicting the behaviour of water mist and its interaction on the electronics industry. Led to consultancy from Industry

2002-2004 CABLE FIRES (Borealis): Develop models to predict the behaviour of cables and their liberation of toxic gases at elevated temperatures. Led to consultancy from Industry

2002-2004 QPM-RAIS (EPSRC): Develop an engineering user-interface for deploying the QPM project outputs with industrial partner organisations.

2002-2003 COMAH (HENKEL): Develop the control of major accident hazards regulations for Henkel. A regulatory requirement

2001-2004 VACUUMDEZINCING (EPSRC): Develop engineering toolset for increasing the efficiency of producing high yield of Lead from Lead Desilverizing in existing processes. Led to consultancy from industry

2000-2005 SAFETY FIRST (EU DGXII): Develop fire ship engineering analysis toolkits to comply with into International Maritime Organisation (IMO) alternative design guidelines. This work informed IMO when formulating guidelines for designers in the early stages of ship design and operators of their responsibilities in terms of Safety on ships. Led to 2 funded EU projects: FIREPROOF & Others

1999-2002 WEAR-1 (EPSRC) and WEAR-2 (EPSRC): Develop engineering tools for predicting pipe wear in processes involving the pneumatic conveying of abrasive particles at high temperatures. Led to 1 funded EPSRC projects: WEAR-2

1998-2002 QPM (EPSRC/IMI): Quality in Particulate Manufacturing (QPM) project was to develop and integrate within a general continuum computational framework for modelling, the behaviour of granular materials. Led to 1 funded EPSRC projects: QPM-RAIS

1997-2001 STIRRED TANK (EPSRC): Develop and control the hydrodynamic mixing of stirred tanks at high temperatures for Lead from Lead Desilverizing production. Led to further EPSRC project: VACUUM DEZINCING

1997-2001 MTP-CSE (EPSRC): Masters Training Package to deliver a Computation Science & Engineering masters programme. Led to subsequent EPSRC grants

1997-2000 SMARTFIRE (HOME OFFICE / EPSRC): Develop an easy to use fire modelling framework for use by regulators and design organisations. Led to a number of consultancy projects

1996-1999 PGM (EPSRC): Develop models of a prototype bench scale experimental setup for extracting platinum from spent catalytic convertors

1996-1999 FIREDASS (EU BRITE/EuRam Programme, Framework IV): Application of water mist technologies in the Aerospace industry. Led to 2 funded EU projects: FIREPROOF & SAFETYFIRST (EU)

1990-1991 GRID (Flomerics): Develop and implement modelling strategy for constructing complex meshes for the electronics industry. Led to other KTP funded projects

Recent publications


Tilford, Tim , Stoyanov, Stoyan, Braun, Jessica, Janhsen, Jan Christoph , Patel, Mayur K. , Bailey, Chris (2021), Comparative reliability of inkjet-printed electronics packaging. IEEE. In: , , , . IEEE, IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology, 11 (2) . pp. 351-362 ISSN: 2156-3950 (Print), 2156-3985 (Online) (doi:

Tonry, Catherine E. H. , Patel, Mayur K., Yu, Weixing, Desmulliez, Marc P. Y. , Bailey, Christopher (2019), Fabrication of hollow polymer microstructures using dielectric and capillary forces. Springer Berlin Heidelberg. In: , , , . Springer Berlin Heidelberg, Microsystem Technologies . pp. 1-8 ISSN: 0946-7076 (Print), 1432-1858 (Online) (doi:

Jones, Thomas D.A. , Flynn, David, Desmulliez, Marc P.Y., Price, Dennis , Beadel, Matthew , Strusevich, Nadia , Patel, Mayur , Bailey, Chris , Costello, Suzanne (2016), Morphology and acoustic artefacts of copper deposits electroplated using megasonic assisted agitation. Emerald. In: , , , . Emerald, Circuit World, 42 (3) . pp. 127-140 ISSN: 0305-6120 (Print), (doi:


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