Najma Taimoor

Najma Taimoor BSc, MSc, Dipl.-Ing., PhD

Lecturer in Computer Science

I am Lecturer in Computer Science at the University of Greenwich, UK. Prior to that I was a research assistant in the School of Design at the University of Greenwich, where I was part of an EYES project funded by EU. I am also a final year doctoral student in the Institute of Computer Technology at the Vienna University of Technology, Austria. I have also earned Master's in Healthcare and IT from the University of Applied Sciences, Austria with Distinction. My Master’s thesis was funded by Erasmus grant, which was developed under the supervision of Professor Lilian H. Tang at the University of Surrey, UK.

Responsibilities within the university

  • Module Leader
  • Lecturer
  • Tutor
  • Researcher


Erasmus Grant for MSc Dissertation jointly with University of Surrey, UK and University of Applied Sciences, Austria

Research / Scholarly interests

My research interests are:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • IoT
  • Reliable healthcare
  • Resilient systems
  • Modelling and verification

Key funded projects

Reliable and Resilient Personalized Healthcare Services
Duration: 2020-2023
Role : Doctoral Student

The project aims to develop reliable and resilient IoT-based personalized healthcare services.

Ex Machina: The Emergence of the Legal Tech Industry and Future of the Legal Profession
Funding: HEIF (Higher Education Innovation Fund) UK
Duration: 2021
Role: Research Assistant

The proposed project aims to provide a study on the emerging legal-tech industry, addressing the legal and technical aspects of innovative data-driven tools in the legal profession. The project is funded by HEIF UK and costs approximately £25K. For current activities of the project, please visit here.

Rigorous Diagnosis of Retinal Vessel Diseases
Funding: Erasmus Grant jointly with University of Surrey, UK
Duration: 2019
Role: Project Assistant

The goal of this project was to develop a classifier that can rigorously diagnose selected retina diseases based on medical reasoning and data driven image analysis. The classifier diagnosed a disease not only on the basis of image data but will also employ medical reasoning to certify the initially determined diagnosis by the classifier.

Recent publications

Journal Articles

  • N. Taimoor and S. Rehman, "A Survey of Reliable, Resilient and Personalized Healthcare Services", IEEE Access, 2021 (In review).

Conference Proceedings

  • M. T. Khan, K. Zia, N. Daudpota, S. A. Hussain and N. Taimoor, "Integrating Context-aware Pervasive Environments," 2006 International Conference on Emerging Technologies, Peshawar, 2006, pp. 683-688.
  • M. T. Khan, N. Daudpota, S. A. Hussain and N. Taimoor, CODWIM: Context-based Ontological Dynamic Web Information Mining Framework For Smart Spaces, 3rd International Conference on e-Governance 2005.


Rigorous Diagnosis of Retinal Vessel Diseases, Master thesis, University of Applied Sciences, Austria, 2019.