Professor Peter Griffiths

Professor Peter Griffiths BSc, PhD, DSc

Professor of Formulation

Key details

Professor Peter C Griffiths
BSc, PhD, DSc

Professor of Formulation

Professor Peter Griffiths' interest in nanotechnology, traditionally known as colloid science, started with a final year undergraduate research project on ferrofluids.  Thereafter followed a PhD (University of Bristol, 1991), focused on developing NMR and scattering methodology to quantify the dynamics of polymer-polymer and polymer-particle blends, that saw Professor Griffiths' interests broaden into concentrated particle dispersions, and then to polymer-surfactant and polymer-small molecule systems, with post-doctoral research periods at University of Bristol (1991-1993) and the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm (1993-1995).

In 1995, Professor Griffiths was appointed to a lectureship at Cardiff University that further consolidated these research themes, and took his attention towards the drug delivery field, in particular polymer-drug and polymer-protein conjugates, small molecule gels and vesicle dispersions.

Professor Griffiths’ contribution to the research field and education in general was recognized with the award of a DSc (University of Bristol, 2005), a "docenture" (Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, 2005) and conferment of Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, FRSC in 2002. He has also received distinguished service awards from both the SCI and the RSC.

Responsibilities within the university

Whilst maintaining a research profile, Professor Griffiths' main role within the University is as Director of Greenwich Research and Enterprise (GRE) ( This role focuses on supporting the wider academic community by developing and implementing the research and enterprise strategy and policies of the university addressing issues such as research capacity development, commercialisation and incentivisation, business engagement, and student enterprise, and the university's contribution to local economic development. To this end, Peter works with several groups to engender an enthusiastic research and knowledge exchange culture across the University, to drive the researcher training agenda of the university, and shaping university strategy and policies in this area.


Long service awards from RSC and SCI for extended work on technical interest and local member groups.


Peter currently chairs a number of committees, including the SCI Rideal Trust and the ISIS Faculty Access Panel 8 (SANS), and is a member of the Editorial Board for the journal Polymers.

Research / Scholarly interests

Understanding, and ultimately controlling, the interactions of one group of molecules in a complex mixture is fundamental to many of the materials and sustainability challenges we face over the next few decades, driven by the associated need to be able to more efficiently assemble precisely controlled structures. Factors that determine these characteristic interactions are the subject of investigation in Griffiths' research, which utilizes, adapts and develops scattering and spectroscopic methodology to achieve its goals.

Professor Griffiths' current research activities deploy advanced spectroscopic and scattering methodologies to define structure-property relationships in complex formulations, typically those focusing on particle/polymer/surfactant/small molecule interactions. Often the molecules of interest have a biological or chemical activity, as well as a physical (interfacial) one. Recent projects focus on the role of polymers and particles in the stabilization of aqueous foams; paint dispersions containing mixtures of adsorbed and non-adsorbed polymers; sterically stabilised (formulated) systems challenged by competing surfaces or other surface active species, as well as the design and preparation of hierarchical structured particles. The research encompasses both a mix of aqueous and non-aqueous systems.

As a consequence of this activity, the experimental toolbox employed by Professor Griffiths has been expanded to include a range of various spin-resonance techniques (pulsed-gradient spin-echo, PGSE-NMR, electrophoretic NMR, eNMR and electron paramagnetic resonance, EPR, as well as neutron and X-ray scattering in conjunction with other lab based methodologies, such as surface tension, fluorescence and rheology.

Recent publications


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