Dr Simon Scola BSc, PhD, FHEA

Senior Lecturer

It's been my pleasure to come through the educational system at Greenwich, initially as an under graduate student on a Computer Science Degree through to research with the Fire Safety Engineering, a Doctoral Degree and winning some combined research prizes. Part of my academic journey has involved studying a wide range of subjects from computing, mathematics, physics, psychology and human behavior.

Over the last 13 years I have taught a diverse range of computer science subjects, from Java programming to Software Management and Databases. My teaching has encompassed all levels from undergraduate courses right through to masters level studies. My research interests include datamining, semantics and ontology. 

I firmly believe everyone is capable of achieving so much in their lives - all one needs to do is to take a step in the desired direction and then to keep moving. Please do take the first step, the second and third is so much easier!

Responsibilities within the university

University roles

UCU department rep

Module leader 2019/20

  • Database System Development
  • Software Engineering Management
  • Systems Development, Management and Governance


  • Personal awards: Best written paper, Royal Aeronautical Society, 2002
  • Research group prizes: Queen's Anniversary prize, 2000 and 2002, BCS IT Award, 2001, IST 2002

Research / Scholarly interests

  • Data mining applications,
  • Software engineering,
  • Semantics,
  • Ontology

Recent publications

"An Analysis of Human Behaviour during the WTC Disaster of 11 September 2001 Based on Published Survivor Accounts". S Blake, E Galea, H Westeng, A Dixon. Proceedings of the 3rd International Symposium on Human Behaviour in Fire, 1-3 September 2004, Europa Hotel, Belfast, UK, pp 181-192.

"A Preliminary Investigation of the Evacuation of the WTC North Tower using Computer Simulation". E Galea, P Lawrence, S Blake, S Gwynne, H Westeng. Proceedings of the 3rd International Symposium on Human Behaviour in Fire, 1-3 September 2004, Europa Hotel, Belfast, UK, pp167-180.

"The airEXODUS Evacuation Model and its Application to Aircraft Safety", Galea E.R., Blake S.J., Lawrence P.J., and Gwynne S., Proc Fire Safety and Survivability, Applied Vehicle Technology (AVT) Panel Symp, NATO Research and Technology Organisation, Aalborg Denmark 23-26 Sept 2002, RTO-MP-092, (AVT-088), CD, paper 31, 15 pages, published November 2003.

"The use of evacuation modelling techniques in the design of very large transport aircraft and blended wing body aircraft". Galea E.R., Blake S., Gwynne S. and Lawrence P. The Aeronautical Journal, Vol 107, Number 1070, pp 207-218, 2003.

"Examining The Effect Of Exit Separation On Aircraft Evacuation Performance During 90-Second Certification Trials Using Evacuation Modelling Techniques". Blake, S. J., Galea, E. R., Gwynne, S., Lawrence, P. J., and Filippidis, L. The Aeronautical Journal of the Royal Aeronautical Society, pp1-16, January 2002.