Sue Force

Dr Sue Force PhD

Senior Lecturer, Human and Sports Nutrition

Key details

Dr Sue Force

Senior Lecturer, Human and Sports Nutrition

Sue Force has spent most of her working life in the pharmaceutical industry in research and development roles. She was part of a team of scientists investigating the physiological effects of long chain omega-3 fatty acid metabolites in the late 1970s–80s with particular emphasis on cardiovascular and haemostatic events (at Wellcome Research Foundation).

Sue spent a number of years investigating the application of new analytical technologies in the development and production of pharmaceutical products (at Beechams, GlaxoSmithKline). She has also worked for LGC (Teddington) as a new technologies analyst specialising in food contaminants.

Sue started full-time university teaching in 2005 and now runs an online third year option course as well as providing e-learning training and support for School of Science staff. Her specialist subject area is nutrition and sport (and exercise) nutrition, including the role of nutritional supplements.

Responsibilities within the university

Sue is involved in teaching nutrition-related subjects to BSc Hons Human Nutrition and BSc Hons Sports Science students. She also contributes indirectly to other degree programmes by resourcing, creating and managing online learning materials designed to support attended teaching sessions and facilitate revision in preparation for exams. Sue also provides training and encouragement for School of Science staff in the use of e-learning tools.


Sue’s research interests include the health effects of dietary flavonoids and the use of new technologies, such as mass spectrometry, as analytical tools for nutritional applications such as metabolomics and nutrigenomics.

She also retains an interest in the omega-3 fatty acid story due to her involvement in early research in the 1970s–80s when the physiological aspects of these dietary fats were under investigation.


Sue periodically undertakes consultancy and has written reviews for food and beverage producers as well as training materials for university staff.


A series of papers in 2005–07 investigating the use of high pressure liquid chromatography in tandem with mass spectrometry to detect and identify the metabolites of dietary flavonoids.