Professor Jenny Marie BSc, PGC, MSc, PhD, PFHEA, NTF

Head of Academic and Learning Enhancement

Key details

Professor Jenny Marie

Professor Jenny A Marie

Head of Academic and Learning Enhancement

I joined the University of Greenwich in November 2019.

2019-2021 Head of Quality Enhancement, University of Greenwich

2018-2019 Associate Director (Quality Assurance & Enhancement), UCL Arena Centre

2005-2019 (Principal and Senior) Teaching Fellow, UCL Arena Centre

2004-2005 Research Fellow, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science

From 2015-2018 I led UCL's student-staff partnership programme, UCL ChangeMakers, and co-developed UCL's Student Quality Reviewers scheme, which supported students to participate in the university's QA mechanisms.

In 2018 I was awarded Principal Fellowship of the HEA and a National Teaching Fellowship.

Responsibilities within the university

Professor and Head of Academic and Learning Enhancement Team


2019 UCL Professional Services Award 'Ways of Working – Working Together'

2018 National Teaching Fellow (NTF)

2017 UCL Provosts Teaching Award, with commendation for leadership


SEDA Institutional Change Leader

Research / Scholarly interests

My main research interests concern student-staff partnerships. I am currently interested in power dynamics and the unique position that research students can adopt. The work on power is important for considering who gets to define a partnership. The role of research students has been little investigated and will help to establish the difference that partnership work can make to their experience and the role that they can play in enhancing education. I am also interested in feedback literacy and have been piloting methods to support students in their development of it. Feedback literacy is an area of growing interest in educational development and my work offers a practical method for improving students' attitudes to and use of feedback. My other interest is in institutional change and how this is best supported for education. This is of obvious practical importance for HEIs as they seek to continuously improve the educational experiences they provide.

Recent publications

Irarrazabal Elliott, M., and Marie, J. 2021. “Advancing student-staff partnership through the unique position of GTAs.” Postgraduate Pedagogies 1 (1), pp. 71-90.

Marie, J. 2020. “Empowering students to enhance education at their university.” In: Lowe, T., & El Hakim, Y. A Handbook for Student Engagement in Higher Education. Oxon and New York: Routledge, pp. 198-208.

Marie, J. 2020. "Reframing educational enhancement at University College London." In: Potter, J., & Devecchi, C. Delivering Educational Change in Higher Education: A Transformative Approach for Leaders and Practitioners. Oxon and New York: Routledge, ch. 14.

Marie, J., Grindle, N., Mills, B., & Fisher, T. 2019. "Staff-student interviews for better feedback literacy." Educational Developments 20 (4), pp. 14-18.

Mercer-Mapstone, L., & Marie, J. 2019. Practical Guide: Scaling up student-staff partnerships in higher education. Institute for Academic Development: University of Edinburgh. 

Marie, J. 2018. "The relationship between research-based education and student/staff partnerships." In Tong, V., Standen, A., and Sotiriou, M. Shaping Higher Education with Students: Ways to Connect Research with Teaching. (London: UCL Press).

Marie, J., McGowan, S. 2017. "Moving Towards Sustainable Outcomes in Student Partnerships: Partnership Values in the Pilot Year." International Journal for Students as Partners 1 (2):


Keynote ‘Student Partnership: What is it & why is it important?’ Chinese University of Hong Kong Students as Partners Symposium (c. 70 attendees).

Keynote ‘The past, present and future: Being a successful change agent in a rapidly changing world’ Change Agent Network Conference (c. 20 attendees).

‘Enhancing programmes through student-staff partnership: Why, how and what to pay attention to’ QAA Scotland Enhancing Programme Leadership Collaborative Cluster (c. 30 attendees)

'Student partnership in practice: Reflections on what supports partnership working (& what doesn’t)’ University of Hong Kong (approx. 70 attendees)

Keynote 'Student engagement at UCL and how giving students a central role in the University's quality review processes supports the TEF' University of Kent Student Engagement and TEF conference (approx. 80 attendees).

Keynote 'Narratives of student-staff partnership' SRHE Students as Partners in Learning, Teaching and Assessment Network event (approx. 30 attendees).

Inside Government Conference 'Case Study: Giving Students a Central Role in the University's Quality Review Processes (approx. 50 attendees).Keynote 'What do we value about University Engagement?' Student Fellows Conference, University of Winchester, May 2018 (approx. 50 attendees).