Alexandra Fanghanel

Dr Alexandra Fanghanel BA, MSc, PhD, SFHEA

Associate Professor of Criminology

Alexandra Fanghanel joined the School of Law at the University of Greenwich in 2015. She is co-lead of the Gender Deviance and Society Research Group and Programme Leader of the BA Criminology and Criminal Justice. Following the completion of her PhD in 2011, she worked as a researcher and a lecturer in Anthropology, Sociology and Criminology. She researches fear of crime, gender, sexuality, and public space.


Responsibilities within the university

Alexandra Fanghanel joined the School of Law at the University of Greenwich in 2015.

  • Programme Leader of BA Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • Co-lead of the Gender Deviance and Society Research Group


  • Winner of British Society of Criminology Women Crime and Criminal Justice Network (WCCJN) Paper prize, 2020


  • Steering Group member WCCJN 2020- present

Reviewer for:

  • Feminist Criminology
  • Psychology and Sexuality
  • Sexualities
  • Bristol University Press
  • Policy Press
  • Routledge
  • Journal of Gender-Based Violence

Research / Scholarly interests

Alexandra’s research examines the intersection of gender, sexuality and public space against a background of contemporary rape culture and anxiety about securitisation. In 2020, Alexandra won the British Society of Criminology’s Women Crime and Criminal Justice paper prize.

In 2021, along with 4 colleagues, Alexandra published a Key Approaches to Criminology textbook called Sex and Crime with Sage.

In 2019, Alexandra published her first monograph ‘Disrupting Rape Culture: Public space, sexuality and revolt’ with Bristol University Press.

Since 2019, Alexandra has been co-lead of the Gender, Deviance and Society Research Group.

Her current projects consider:

  • Consent and sexual subcultures, with specific focus on the so-called ‘rough sex defence’.
  • The intersect of rape culture and femonationalism, which specific focus on discourses about Brexit
  • New sexual cultures

Alexandra is happy to supervise PhD students in any of the following areas:

  • Gender
  • Sexuality
  • Public space
  • Fear of crime
  • Consent
  • Securitisation

Recent publications

Fanghanel, A, Milne, E, Zampini, G, Banwell, S, Fiddler, M (2021) Sex and Crime, Sage

Fanghanel, A (2019) Disrupting Rape Culture: Public Space, Sexuality and Revolt, Bristol, Bristol University Press/Policy Press

Fanghanel, A (2018) ‘How to break a rape culture:  gendered fear of crime and the myth of the stranger-rapist’ chapter in Lee, M and Mythen, G (eds.) Routledge International Handbook on the Fear of Crime, Abingdon, Routledge, ISBN 9781138120334

Lim, J and Fanghanel, A (2016) ‘Temptresses and predators: Gender-based violence, safekeeping and the production of proper subjects’ chapter in Brown, G and Browne, K. (eds.), The Routledge Research Companion to Geographies of Sex and Sexualities, Abingdon, Routledge , ISBN 9781317043324

Fanghanel, A (2020) On Being Ugly: the grotesque politics of sexualised naked protest’ On Being Ugly: the grotesque politics of sexualised naked protest’ Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy 35(2), 262-278

Fanghanel, A (2019) Asking for it: BDSM sexual practice and the trouble of consent. Sexualities, 23 3 269-289 [Winner of 2020 BSC Women Crime and Criminal Justice Prize]

Fanghanel, A and Lim J (2016) Of “Sluts” and “Arseholes” Antagonistic Desire and the Production of Sexual Vigilance, Feminist Criminologies, 12 4 341-360

Fanghanel, A (2015), ‘The trouble with safety: Subjectification, Safety and of Fear of Crime in Public Space’, Theoretical Criminology, 20 1 57-74

Fanghanel, A (2014) ‘Approaching/Departure: Effacement, Erasure and ‘Undoing’ the Fear of Crime’, Cultural Geographies, 21 3 343-361

Lim, J and Fanghanel, A (2013), 'Hijabs, Hoodies and Hotpants': Negotiating the 'Slut' in SlutWalk, Geoforum 48 20-215


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