Ben Hunter

Dr Ben Hunter BSc, MA, PhD

Associate Professor of Criminology

Ben Hunter was awarded his PhD from Keele University in 2008 and subsequently worked at Keele as a teaching fellow in Criminology before moving to the University of Sheffield where he was a Research Associate on the Leverhulme funded project 'Tracking Progress after Probation'. He then spent two years as a senior lecturer in Criminology at the University of Winchester before joining the School of Law at the University of Greenwich in 2014.

His PhD thesis was titled 'Narratives of Change: Exploring Desistance from White-Collar Crime'.


Responsibilities within the university

  • Senior Lecturer in Criminology
  • Programme Leader, BSc Criminology & Criminal Psychology
  • Department representative on Faculty Ethics Committee
  • Criminology Employability Coordinator

Research / Scholarly interests

  • Desistance from crime
  • White-collar crime
  • Citizenship and offending
  • Existential sociology
  • Qualitative research methods

Recent publications

  • Hunter, B. (2015) White-Collar Offenders and Desistance from Crime. London: Routledge.
  • Hunter, B., (with Farrall, S.) (2015). Space, Place and Desistance from Drug Use. OƱatiSocio-legal Series, 5 (3), 945-968.
  • Hunter, B. (with Farrall, S., Sharpe, G., & Calverley, A. (2015). What 'works' when retracing sample members in a qualitative longitudinal study? International Journal of Social Research Methodology, (ahead-of-print), 1-14.
  • Hunter, B. (with Farrall, S.) (2015). The white-collar offender as professional-ex. In Barak, G. (ed) The Routledge International Handbook of the Crimes of the Powerful. New York: Routledge.
  • Farrall, S., Hunter, B., Sharpe, G., & Calverley, A. (2014) Criminal Careers in Transition: The Social Context of Desistance from Crime. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Hunter, B. (2012). A contrast in lives? White-collar offenders in prison. Prison Service Journal, 199, 29-32.
  • Farrall, S., Sharpe, G., Hunter, B., & Calverley, A. (2011) Theorising structural and individual-level processes in desistance and persistence: Outlining an integrated perspective. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology, 44, 2, 218-234.
  • Hunter, B. (2011) "I can't make my own future": White-collar offenders and the anticipation of release from prison in Farrall, S., Hough, M., Sparks, R., & Maruna, S. (eds). Escape Routes. Taylor and Francis.
  • Shover, N. & Hunter, B. (2010) Blue collar, white-collar: Crimes and Mistakes in Bernasco, W. (ed) Offenders on Offending: Learning About Crime from Criminals. Cullompton: Willan.
  • Hunter, B. (2009). White-collar offenders after the fall from grace: Stigma, blocked paths and resettlement in Lippens, R. & Crewe, D. (eds) Existentialist Criminology. London: Routledge.

Knowledge transfer activities

  • Hunter, B. (2011). Identifying the Motivation to Commit Fraud. Exatech Fraud Prevention Solutions Newsletter, Issue 1.
  • Hunter, B. (2010). Does Everybody Do It? Identifying the Motivation to Commit Fraud. Anti Fraud Network Newsletter, Issue 44, December.