Dr Georgios Samakovitis MEng, MSc, MBA, PhD, SFHEA

Principal Lecturer

Georgios holds a MEng in Computer Engineering, MSc in Data Networks and an MBA. His early research work focused on AI for 3D medical image processing and reconstruction, as part of the Greek Ministry of Health Research Fund. His PhD at the University of Edinburgh focused on banking technology investment decisions in the dot-com boom and bust periods (1999-2004). His current work concentrates on banking and payment systems technologies, Enterprise Architectures Machine Learning in FinTech. Most recent projects investigated the uses of AI in anti-money laundering (AML) and financial transaction fraud assessment, including the development of Collective Intelligence for AML in financial ecosystems. Ongoing work includes the investigation into developments in cryptocurrency (Decentralised Virtual Asset Class) markets. Georgios currently supervises 2 PhD projects on anti-money laundering in blockchain-based transaction ecosystems (cryptocurrencies), knowledge management in healthcare and mobile governance. He supervises MSc and BSc projects and teaches Strategic IT, Data Modeling and Enterprise Architectures in MSc and BSc programmes and designed and delivered short courses in these areas. Georgios is a member of the FinCrime working group of the UK Payments Strategy Forum and the HMG Cabinet Office Advisory Group on Counter Fraud Data Sharing & Data Analytics; He is a Senior Fellow of the UK HEA and a member of the ESRC Global Challenge Research Fund (GCRF) peer review panel

Responsibilities within the university

Module leader 2018/19

  • Scholarly and Academic Practice
  • Strategic IT
  • Systems Planning and Management

Principal Lecturer, Enterprise & Employability Lead, School of Computing & Mathematical Sciences


FinCrime working group of the UK Payments Strategy Forum (2017-17)

Member of the HMG Cabinet Office Advisory Group on Counter Fraud Data Sharing & Data Analytics

Senior Fellow of the UK HEA

Member of the ESRC Global Challenge Research Fund (GCRF) peer review panel

TOGAF 9.1 Certification

Research / Scholarly interests

Blockchain, FinTech, Artificial Intelligence, Complex Network Analysis, Anti-Money Laundering, Cryptocurrencies, Financial Fraud, Enterprise Architectures, Knowledge Management

Recent publications

O'Connor D., Kapetanakis S., Samakovitis G., Floyd M., OntaƱon S., Petridis M. (2018) Autonomous Swarm Agents Using Case-Based Reasoning. In: Bramer M., Petridis M. (eds) Artificial Intelligence XXXV. SGAI 2018. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 11311. Springer, Cham

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Hossain, M. S., Samakovitis, G., Bacon, L. and L. Mackinnon (2015), A conceptual framework for design of mobile governance in developing countries: The case of Bangladesh, Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Computer and Information Technology (ICCIT), Dhaka, 21-23 Dec 2015, pp. 161-166.

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Kapetanakis, S., Samakovitis, G., Gunasekera, B. and Petridis, M. (2012), Monitoring Financial Transaction Fraud with the use of Case-based Reasoning, Seventeenth UK Workshop on Case-Based Reasoning (UKCBR 2012) 11th December 2012, Cambridge, UK.

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