Jim Hobbs

Jim Hobbs BA, BFA, MFA

Programme Leader for MA Digital Arts

Jim Hobbs began teaching at the University of Greenwich as a Visiting Lecturer in 2009, where his role had been the development of visual communication approaches across the departments of Architecture and Design. Currently, he is a Senior Lecturer within CPDA where his role has been expanded to include teaching across all the years and acting as an artist-in-residence. He has a strong interest in the role that Fine Art plays within the Digital Art and Design fields in particular how Fine Art approaches can be incorporated into these areas to blur the boundaries.

As an artist, Hobbs' work utilises a variety of media including 16mm film, digital video, installation, site-specific work, drawing, sculpture, sound and photography. Currently his work and research investigate the personal and social implications of loss, oblivion, history, memory and the subsequent acts of remembrance/memorialisation. The work bears particular focus on how the use of architecture and monuments become a type of physical manifestation of that which is absent, and how these "stand-ins'' can be used, manipulated, etc. More recently, his work has moved into the realm of filmic installations, utilising film and video as a time based material and medium to investigate these concerns. Intrinsically interlinked with this is a constant questioning of the role of the analogue within the digital age & how it functions, if it can override associations with nostalgia, and notions of the quality of image and how that relates to memory.

Responsibilities within the university

DESI 1213 - Experimental Studio Practices 1st year BA (Course Leader)
DESI 1219 - Design Research Project 3rd Year BA (Course Leader 2015-6)
ARCT 1016/ARCT 1003 - Design and Communication, 1st Year BA (Course Leader)
DESI 1085 - Narrative and Sequence, 2nd Year BA (Course Leader)
DESI 1042/1044 â- Final Major Project, 3rd Year BA (Course Leader)
Lecturer for MA Digital Arts
Artist in Residence organising external exhibitions for individual work/research and projects for students and alumni
Continuing to develop CPDA's research outputs and public facing outreach


MFA Sculpture, Slade School of Fine Art/University College London, UK; BFA Sculpture, Ohio University, USA; BA Art Education, Ohio University, USA

Recent publications


Hill, Andrew and , Hobbs, James (2017), (I)MAGESOUND(S) - expanded audiovisual practice. Canadian Electroacoustic Community. In: , , , . Canadian Electroacoustic Community, eContact!, 19 (2) (doi: https://econtact.ca/19_2/hill-hobbs_imagesounds.html).

Hill, Andrew and , Hobbs, Jim (2017), (I)MAGESOUND(S): Expanded audiovisual practice. Canadian Electroacoustic Community. In: , , , . Canadian Electroacoustic Community, eContact!, 19 (2) (doi: http://econtact.ca/19_2/hill-hobbs_imagesounds.html).

Hobbs, James and , (2016), Motion In Form - Photographic Essay. no.w.here. In: , , , . no.w.here, Sequence, 4 (doi: http://www.no-w-here.org.uk/index.php?cat=9&subCat=docdetail&&id=475).


Hobbs, James and , (2020), Moribund State(s) - Exhibition Catalogue/Artist Book. Project 78 Press. In: , , In: Calvin Power, James Hobbs (eds.), . Project 78 Press, UK (1st) . ISBN: 9781838133108 (doi: https://www.project78gallery.com/product-page/moribund-state-s-limited-edition-catalogue) NB Item availability restricted.

Book section

Hobbs, James and , (2020), Nature Morte: Examining the sonic and visual potential of a 16mm film. Focal Press. In: , , In: Andrew Knight-Hill (ed.), Sound and Image. Focal Press, London (1st) . pp. 219-225 . ISBN: 9780429295102 (doi: https://doi.org/10.4324/9780429295102-15).

Edited book

Papadaki, Elena , Arfaras, Mihalis, Schizakis, Stamatis, Garcia, Carla Ambrósio , Dare, Eleanor , Beveridge, Patrick , Hobbs, James , Knight-Hill, Andrew , Menotti, Gabriel , Ploeger, Dani (2020), Exhibiting the Analogue, Exhibiting the Digital: Afterthoughts on an exhibition. University of Greenwich Galleries / Incandescent Square. In: , , , . University of Greenwich Galleries / Incandescent Square, London . ISBN: 9780957343047 (doi: ).


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Hobbs, James and , Whitby, Richard (2022), Volstarfel: Sobbing and Moaning. An evening of experimental noise, expanded cinema and performance. In: Volstarfel, 14th December, 2022, Amersham Arms, London, UK , . , (doi: https://blogs.gre.ac.uk/sound-image/concerts/)

Hobbs, James and , Jones, Patrick Adam (2022), For Want of (not) Measuring. In: For Want of (not) Measuring, 31 March Private View/ 1 - 23 April 2022, Kingsgate Projects, London, NW6 2JG , . , (doi: https://www.kingsgateworkshops.org.uk/for-want-of-not-measuring)

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