Laura Bowie

Dr Laura Bowie MA, MA, PhD

Senior Lecturer in Architectural Histories and Theories

Key details

Dr Laura Bowie

Senior Lecturer in Architectural Histories and Theories

Laura is Senior Lecturer in Architecture Histories and Theories at Greenwich. Prior to joining Greenwich, Laura was Lecturer in Architectural History and Theory at the Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University as part of the Disglair [brilliant] lecturers scheme. Prior to that, Laura taught architectural history and theory at Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture [ESALA] at the University of Edinburgh.

Laura holds a PhD from the University of Edinburgh’s School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, which explored the relationship between urban planning and protest cultures in post-war West Berlin. She also holds an MA, First Class with Joint Honours in Architectural History and Archaeology from the University of Edinburgh and an MA, with Distinction, in European History from Newcastle University.

Responsibilities within the university


  • Design School Representative to Faculty Research Ethics Committee


  • ARCT1050: Cultural Contexts of Architecture – Module co-ordinator and seminar tutor (level 4)
  • HART1004: History of Architecture & Landscape 1 – Module co-ordinator and seminar tutor (level 4)
  • HART1011: History of Architecture & Landscape 2 – Module co-ordinator and seminar tutor (level 5)
  • ARCT1014: Architecture Dissertation – Module co-ordinator and dissertation supervisor (level 6)


  • DAAD Language Grant (2014)
  • Barrie Wilson Award for Excellence in First Year PhD Studies (2015)


  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • Architecture and Humanities Association
  • German History Society
  • European Architectural History Network
  • Society of Architectural Historians (GB & USA)
  • UKRI ECR Forum
  • Women in German Studies (WIGS)

Research / Scholarly interests

Laura’s research interests include: the city and protest, post-war reconstruction, the radicalisation of urban space, the relationship between urban planning and the psyche, the role of the media in architectural perception, and the use of memory and cultural outputs as exploratory tools.

Her research thus far has focused on the post-war period in West Berlin and the 1968 student protests; how the historical urban fabric was rejected, reenvisaged and reappropriated in the face of internationally promoted modernist housing policies.

Current and future projects are investigating the relationship between visual images and urban space, urban protest tactics across Europe, humour and urban protest, and exploring women’s interventions in the built environment during the ‘68 moment.

Recent publications

Book Chapters
  • [accepted] Bowie, L. (2023) ‘“A demonstration is also FUN”: Humour as a tactic to disrupt the “rational” state during the 1968 protests’ in Chao, S., Dahn, A. and V. Westbrook (eds) Humour in Times of Confrontations, 1901 to the Present. Humour in Literature and Culture Series. Abingdon: Routledge.
  • [accepted] Bowie. L (2024) 'Cities as Theatres of Protest: The Urban Dimension of Terrorism in 1970s West Germany' in PĂ©rez, R. and Cayuela, S. (eds) Remembering Terror. Estudios Europeos Series. Madrid: Marcial Pons.




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  • 'Direct Action in City Districts: Post-War West-Berlin' in ESALA Postgraduate Prokalo Seminar Series (University of Edinburgh, 29 October 2019)
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