Dr Leonie Howe BA, MPhil, PhD, PG Cert

Senior Lecturer in Criminology

Key details

Dr Leonie Howe

Senior Lecturer in Criminology


Dr Leonie Howe joined the School of Law at University of Greenwich in 2005.

School administrative and supervisory responsibilities

  • Criminology Disability Support Tutor
  • Dissertation, BA and MSc students

Professional and academic associations

  • British Society of Criminology
  • CrimNet (University of Sydney)
  • British Journal of Forensic Practice (co-editor 2006–08)
  • StopWatch

Research/scholarly interests

Leonie's main areas of interest are comparative criminal justice, coronial reform, deaths and self-injury in custody, honour killing and race and crime

Selected publications

  • Mackay, R.D., Mitchell, B.J., and Howe, L. (2007) A continued upturn in unfitness to plead – more disability in relation to the trial under the 1991 Act. Criminal Law Review, July 2007, pp. 530–45.
  • Mackay, R.D., Mitchell, B.J., and Howe, L. (2006) Yet more facts about the insanity defence. Criminal Law Review, 5(31), July 2006, pp. 399–411.
  • Memorandum Submission made to the Joint Committee Inquiry into Human Rights and Deaths in Custody: Interim Report, Session 2003–04, pp. 133–43.
  • Howe, L. (2002) Review of Child Victims of Homicide. In: Adler, C. and Polk, K. (eds.) British Journal of Forensic Practice, 4(4), November 2002.
  • Howe, L. (2001) Mandatory sentencing: a death sentence in the Northern Territory? In: Current Issues in Criminal Justice, 12(3), pp. 376–81. Sydney Law School.
  • Assisted on an ATSIC (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission) submission to the Human Rights Commission on Mandatory Sentencing in the Northern Territory (2000).
  • Howe, L. (2000) Deaths in police custody – health versus discipline. British Journal of Forensic Practice, 2(1), April 2000, pp. 31–35.

Responsibilities within the university

Senior Lecturer in Criminology