Susana Gomez Larranaga

Susana Gomez Larranaga

PhD Student

Susana is an artist working with print, time-based media, creative coding and installation.

Her work recreates human manufactured imprints that merge and decay in nature. She explores the relationship between mass media systems and identity. Ideas of simulation and physical labour are embedded in her practice as she combines digital and analogue processes. Derelict sites, turn into sites of intervention as archaeological repositories. When installing artwork, parallel dystopian realities are projected over the physical realm. In contrast to the ruin, the virtual world challenges the boundaries of human interaction and life-spans.

Susana's practice-based PhD investigates the mutation and proliferation of online personal data over a physical space.

Main research interests: digital culture, media archaeology and post-human landscapes

Recent publications

(2017) Flying Land. In: V. Chance, D. Ganley, ed., RE_PRINT. London: Marmalade Publications of Visual Theory.