Tony Clelford BA, DipArch, MSc, MA

Head of Design Practice

Key details

Tony J Clelford

Head of Design Practice

In addition to 15 years’ experience large and small architectural practices and current lecturing responsibilities, Tony Clelford is an examiner on university degree programmes and for the Architects’ Registration Board (ARB). He has tutored for a number of organisations, including The Design Council, and has drafted policy for the ARB and RIBA.

Tony is a past chair of the Association of Professional Studies Advisors in Architecture, was editor at the International Journal of Architectural Management, Practice and Research, and founder member of the Society for the Advancement of Architectural Management.

Research/scholarly interests

  • New forms of architectural practice
  • The marketing and strategic management of architectural services
  • Timber-framed construction applied to housing systems.

Selected publications

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Responsibilities within the university

Portfolio Lead for Architecture: Part 3