Dr Yasmine Arafa BEng, MSc, PhD

Senior Lecturer

Yasmine has over 15 years experience in software engineering and IT project management across vertical segments commercially and in academia. She has led research and development projects that involved the multi-disciplinary areas of affective computing, social interaction design, multi-agent systems, and their application in real-time smart systems, Her focus is on creating new technology with social significance. Recent projects include context-aware smart systems that enable next generation applications for mobile, social computing and semantic web services.

Responsibilities within the university

Senior Lecturer 

Department of Computing and Information Systems 

Faculty of Architecture, Computing and Humanities


  • Member ACM, IEEE, BCS
  • Program chair and member of steering  committee for 11th ICGS3-17, International Conference on Global Security, Safety and Sustainability

Research / Scholarly interests

Affective computing, HCI, Mobile Apps, Data Analytics, Sentiment Analysis, Software Engineering, Disruptive Technology, eLearning

Key funded projects

  • PANDORA - Advanced Training Environment for Crisis Scenarios
  • Funding body
  • Nine partner EU FP7 project worth 2.93 million Euros. Winner of Joint ICT and Security Call FP7-ICT-SEC-2007-1. Grant Agreement 225387.
  • 1st January 2010 to 31st March 2012 I was a senior research fellow working on this project at the University of East London.
  • External link: pandoraproject.eu/

Recent publications

  • Yasmine Arafa, Cornelia Boldyreff, Abdel-Rahman H. Tawil, Hao Liu,
    A High Level Service-Based Approach to Software Component Integration. CISIS 2012: 1275-1057
  • Hao Liu, Yasmine Arafa, Cornelia Boldyreff, Mohammad Dastbaz:
    Cost-effective virtual world development for serious games. IGIC 2011: 48-51
  • A more comprehensive list can be found at: http://dblp.uni-trier.de/pers/hd/a/Arafa:Yasmine


  • Arafa, Yasmine, Boldyreff, Cornelia, Malik, Asif, Wicks, Alan and Windall, Gillian (2016) The BCS appathon challenge at Greenwich. Compass: Journal of Learning and Teaching, 8 (12). ISSN 2044-0081
  • Arafa, Yasmine, Boldyreff, Cornelia and Morris, Miriam (2016) Payments as we know them are changing - ebarts the Social eCurrency: Tomorrow's cash. In: Batiz-Lazo, B. and Efthymiou, L., (eds.) The Book of Payments: Historical and Contemporary views on the Cashless Economy. Palgrave Macmillan UK, London, UK. ISBN 9781137602305 (Unpublished)
  • Arafa, Yasmine, Morris, Miriam Joy and Boldyreff, Cornelia (2014) Sustaining entrepreneurial ecosystems with ebarts. In: Proceedings of the 7th International Conference for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Regional Development. University of Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus, pp. 344-348. ISBN 9789963735549 Item availability restricted.
  • Arafa, Yasmine, Morris, Miriam Joy and Boldyreff, Cornelia (2014) ebarts - democratic money. In: CHI Workshop W24: #CHIMoney: Financial Interactions, Digital Cash, Capital Exchange and Mobile Money, 27 April 2014, Toronto, Canada.