Research activities

Loudspeaker Orchestra Concert Series 2018/19

The Loudspeaker Orchestra presents immersive acoustic experiences through programmed concerts of  multichannel sound design, sonic art and electroacoustic music.  The result is a rich enveloping sound experiences that morphs around the audience creating an immersive environment for enhanced listening and contemplation.

The 2018/19 Loudspeaker Orchestra Concert series introduced:

  • One Record Label Launch
  • Two Weekend Colloquia
  • Eleven Loudspeaker Orchestra Concerts

Concert Programme

21 September 2018:  Ben Ramsay

Discover new worlds of sound as Ramsay morphs intricate field recordings into rich multi-layered compositions that alter our perceptions of objects and spaces.

4 October 2018:  Sonos Localia

Launch event for this new digital label, distributing original recordings of electroacoustic music, sound art and experimental audio work.

10 October 2018:  Simon Emmerson

Works exploring the malleability of memory and recorded sound are joined with new works for flute and electronics.  Performance by Carla Rees.

1 November 2018:  Stimson & Ainger

A programme exploring the extension of traditional instruments into new imaginative realms of action and interaction.

10-11 November 2018:  Sound/Image

Renowned composer Denis Smalley is the special guest at this conference which features a diverse programme of sound and audiovisual works from international delegates.

4 December 2018:  Barry Truax

Member of the World Soundscape Project, Barry Truax presents a concert of his inimitable context-based and soundscape compositions.

26-27 January 2019:  Electroacoustic Music Association of Great Britain 40th Anniversary

A weekend exploring the past/present/future of electroacoustic music practice in the UK.  With talks, panel discussions and concerts of both contemporary and established works.

20 February 2019:  Linear Obsessional

An eclectic programme of field recordings, noise and drone music from this local independent label.

27 March 2019:  Annie Mahtani

Real world sounds are transformed, manipulated and restructured to explore the juxtaposition of real, abstract and surreal soundworlds.

22 May 2019:  Aural Exchange

A diverse programme of emerging talents.  Featuring works by Sound Design students from Greenwich and other institutions.