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History Research Group

We have wide-ranging and diverse expertise spanning from the early modern to the contemporary world, and from the local to the global. Our research shapes our work with students, colleagues and partners, locally, nationally and internationally.

Podcast: Circle of History and Legacies of Empire

Michael Talbot's work examines a number of topics in Ottoman history from the late seventeenth to the early twentieth century, with a general interest in Ottoman relations and interactions with the wider world. Photo Credit: Leslie MacDonald Gill, C

Research activity

Recent publications


Rose, Sebastian and , (2022), Thomas Simpson, The Frontier in British India: Space, Science and Power in the Nineteenth Century Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2021. Pp. xvi + 298. ISBN 978-1-1088-7915-6. £75.00 (hardback).. Wiley - Cambridge University Press. In: , , , . Wiley - Cambridge University Press, British Journal for the History of Science, 55 (2) . pp. 250-251 ISSN: 0007-0874 (Print), 1474-001X (Online) (doi: https://www.bshs.org.uk/).

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Talbot, Michael , Caldwell, Anne, Emmott, Chloe (2020), Perceiving Palestine: British visions of the Holy Land. In: , , , . , Jerusalem Quarterly, 82 . pp. 50-76 ISSN: 0334-4800 (Print), (doi: https://www.palestine-studies.org/en/node/1650278).

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Martin, Mary Clare and , (2019), Catechizing at home, 1740-1870: Instruction, communication, denomination. Cambridge University Press. In: , , , . Cambridge University Press, Studies in Church History, 55 . pp. 256-273 ISSN: 0424-2084 (Print), 2059-0644 (Online) (doi: https://doi.org/10.1017/stc.2018.31).

Book section

Martin, Mary Clare and , (2020), Learning at home: Class, religion, gender and family. Routledge. In: , , In: Joachim Eibach, Margareth Lanzinger (eds.), The Routledge History of the Domestic Sphere in Europe: 16th to 19th Centur. Routledge, (1st) . ISBN: 9780367143671 (doi: ) NB Item availability restricted.

Conference item

Martin, Mary Clare and , (2020), Christian socialism and voluntary action: feminism, suffrage and politics, 1880-1950. In: Voluntary Action History Society seminar, 10 Feb 2020, London, UK , . , (doi: https://www.vahs.org.uk/).

Martin, Mary and , (2019), Religion and adolescence from 1700-1900: autonomy, ritual and community. In: 12th Annual Conference of the Society for the Study of Childhood in the Past: Rebels Without a Cause? Accessing and Exploring Adolescents/Adolescence in the Past, 30 Oct - 01 Nov 2019, Sheffield, UK , . , (doi: ).

Working paper

Rand, Gavin , Williams, George, Madra, Amandeep (2020), The 'Punjab Registers' & Indian Army casualities in the First World War. Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC), Non-Commemorated Committee. In: , , , . Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC), Non-Commemorated Committee, Beaurains, France (doi: https://www.cwgc.org/non-commemoration-report/).