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We've put together the most important things you need to know about your visa to make your stay in the UK as easy as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

BRP Related

  • What to do if I have lost my BRP?
  • What to do if my BRP chip is not working?

Graduate Route Related

  • When am I eligible for the Graduate Route Visa?
  • I obtained a postgraduate certificate / diploma, can I apply for the Graduate Route Visa?

Student Visa Related

  • I have retakes, when can I extend my Student Visa?
  • When can I extend my visa for a work placement?
  • What documents do I need when extending my Student Visa?
  • What is the difference between interruption and withdrawal and how does this affect my student visa?

Travel Related

  • Can I travel during term-time?

Work Related

  • When can I work full-time hours?

The information on this page is correct at the time of writing. Whilst we try to make sure the information we provide is accurate, immigration policy changes frequently. You should therefore always refer to the official website to ensure that you have up-to-date information.