Women's Staff Network

The Women's Network represents Academic and Professional Services staff and welcomes everyone who identifies as a woman.

Network Priorities

Three topics identified by Network members were confirmed as our priorities for the 2020-21 academic year at our AGM:

Priorities 2019-20

Four topics identified at our Design Your Network events in July 2019 were our priorities for the 2019-20 academic year. Here's a summary of our activity on these topics:

HR Policies and Procedures: Feedback on policies and procedures has been passed to HR and have been taken into consideration during a HR review. The Women's Network are represented on the EDI committee, who will be consulted on all future policy changes.

Events: Events held include Hormones Matter talk for Mental Health Wellbeing day, and regular meetings, book clubs and coffee breaks during lockdown.

Promotion: Women's Network webpage was created during summer 2019, university lanyards were provided for International Women's day and distributed to Women's Network members as well as other staff. Book clubs and Network Events are regularly promoted via Internal Comms.

Support: Actions to set up a Mentoring System and Action Learning Sets were agreed at the WN meeting on 14th July. This topic has rolls into the 2020/21 priority list.


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