The health and safety strategy and plan has been developed to support the University's aims and objectives as laid out in the Corporate strategy.

The University Governing Body believe that occupational illnesses and injuries are not an inevitable or expected consequence of doing business. The realistic goal is not to be risk free but one where risk is properly appreciated, understood and managed to provide a safe and healthy environment ensuring that everyone leaves work healthy and uninjured. This approach will ensure that the University is legally compliant, reduce its costs and enhance its reputation.

The University of Greenwich (UoG) Health and Safety Strategy and Plan has been developed to support the University's aims and objectives as laid out in the Corporate strategy, taking themes from the University and Colleges Employers Association's (UCEA) HE sector-level health safety and wellbeing plan 2016-2020 and embedding Universities Safety and Health Association (USHA) USHA/UCEA Leadership and management of health and safety in higher education institutions best practice.

Aims of the strategy

The strategy is based on continual improvement of the health and safety protection for all staff, students and visitors and achieving legal compliance. The resultant plan of work is included in Table 1 and can be broken into 6 key areas;

  1. Develop culture and ownership of health and safety across the University
  2. Support Faculties, Directorates and Units to promote sensible and proportionate risk management
  3. Ensure that staff are competent and provided with the right mix of training, skills, experience and knowledge to enable them to fulfil their roles safely
  4. Learn lessons when things do go wrong and make appropriate changes accordingly and promptly
  5. Monitor and measure health and safety performance throughout the university
  6. Ensure that the university remains legally compliant

The health and safety strategy is underpinned by the University Health and Safety Policy and arrangements 


The achievement of this strategy requires the commitment of the Governing Body which has ultimate responsibility for health and safety, and involvement of University staff, trade unions and others.  The strategy should be considered as an evolving document for the University Health and Safety Committee.  The oversight of this strategy lies with the University Head of Health and Safety with the Health and Safety Champion's support.  The team that will monitor the delivery of the strategy will be the Health and Safety Unit. 

Planning and Communication

The Health and Safety Strategy and Plan for 2016-2020 (Table1) sets out arrangements to implement and measure the strategy.  Faculties/Directorates/Units  will be required to incorporate appropriate actions at a local level through their specific action plans.  The implementation of these plans will be monitored by the Health and Safety Unit through the auditing process and annual review of Safety Statements.

Monitoring and Review

This document will be reviewed prior to each University Health and Safety Committee meeting to ensure that it is fit for purpose and continues to meet the requirements of UoG while being responsive to changes and developments within UoG. This document introduces a set of Health and safety key performance indicators. Key performance indicators will be used to measure the effectiveness of the strategy. Progress will be included in the Annual Health and Safety Report to the Governing Body.